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Whether we’re talking about the films, video games, comic books, or even Star Wars celebration, the Star Wars franchise will keep moving forward. Recently, Star Wars has released yet another novel worthy of mention and is a welcome addition to the galaxy far, far away.

The newest novel, written by Christie Golden and titled Star Wars: Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, tells the story of an elite team who are on a mission to stop Saw Gerrera’s remaining partisans from getting in the Imperials' way. The Empire introduces the Inferno Squad, led by a high-ranked Imperial named .

Who Is Iden Versio?

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm/EA
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm/EA

For those who may not have read the novel, Iden Versio is the daughter of an Imperial Admiral named Garrick Versio, both of whom originate from the planet Vardos. Iden is a true believer. Her father put her through a lot of rigorous training at a very young age, teaching her to stand up for the Empire and to hate all those who oppose the Empire’s beliefs.

Iden is only 22 years of age yet has risen in rank fairly quickly thanks to her strict upbringing, graduating with honors at the Imperial Academy located on Coruscant. Throughout her training, she also becomes a very capable fighter pilot and marksman. This in turn, puts her skills to the test when the Rebels head straight for the Death Star’s weakness. The first chapter of the novel goes into great detail about her perspective of the Battle of Yavin.

But, wouldn’t you know it, this brand new Star Wars character actually took part in this epic battle in the original trilogy itself. A quick rewatch of the intense attack scene actually gives us a pretty good idea as to which TIE fighter pilot could be Iden Versio.

Iden Versio Is The TIE Fighter Pilot Who Takes Down ‘Red 4’


At the beginning of the Battle of Yavin, the Red and Gold team of X-wing fighters start their attack by taking out some of the manned gun turrets along with some enemy fighters. However, some aren’t as successful as others. As Luke, Wedge, and Red Leader evade enemy fire, one X-wing pilot isn’t so lucky. That unlucky pilot is Red 4. Red 4 is seen trying to outmaneuver a TIE fighter but is unfortunately shot down. The X-wing was taken out by none other than Iden Versio.

But how can we know for sure that this could be Iden Versio? After all, there are thousands of TIE fighter pilots out there. Thankfully, the novel gives us a clue in the following passage:

“Iden listened to the familiar beeps of the tracking equipment as it targeted and locked onto one of the X-wings. She swung her vessel back and forth with easy familiarity as the enemy ship frantically jigged and jagged in a commendable, but ultimately useless, effort to evade her. She pressed her thumbs down. Green lasers sliced through the X-wing, and then only pieces and a flaring sheet of flame remained.”

Now watch the quick scene below and compare it to the above. I’d say it’s a word-for-word description of the way the X-wing was taken out above the Death Star, wouldn't you?

While there are certainly other TIE fighters who take down the Rebels, this is the only one that closely resembles the description from the novel. The people over at the Del Rey story department definitely know how to show that these universes are all intertwined. Besides Iden Versio, there’s another cool moment from the film that is referenced in the novel.

The Lone Y-Wing Survivor Also Makes A Quick Appearance

Another cool aspect from the story involves the lone Y-wing pilot seen making his quick escape along with Wedge, Luke, and Han. On page 10 the novel reads:

“The pale moon-shape of the Death Star loomed behind the vessel, it’s gargantuan size making the rebel ship look like the toys she’d been allowed to play with as a child. The Y-wing was making for Yavin as fast it could, swerving erratically enough that Iden frowned as she tried to get a lock on it. A sudden scalding brightness filled her vision.”

The brightness referenced in the above text is obviously the destruction of the Death Star. This is yet another fun way to tie in the novels with the original trilogy. knows how to craft these stories in careful and meticulous ways that hardcore fans will appreciate. There’s no doubt that there will be more fun connective tissues along the way in future Star Wars media.

In fact, Iden Versio will make her first physical appearance in the upcoming sequel to the Battlefront games: . This game will also take place long after the events that happened in the novel. It should be no surprise that Inferno Squad lives on to fight another day and will perhaps take on their most challenging mission yet.

If you spotted anything else from the novel, let me know below!


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