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The Star Wars canon is a beautiful thing. A group of individuals, called the Story Group, help curate and weave the history of Star Wars together without imposing any narrative restrictions. They help make a cohesive universe, where plot holes are kept to a minimum and one story may impact another.

Most of the stories and comics to come out of the canon thus far have been great, Lost Stars, Catalyst and Thrawn in particular have been stellar, and the first Vader comic series should not be missed by anyone who is a fan of the iconic villain. However, the canon seems to be pretty focused on a particular time period, and it's time for it to explore a bit more.

As of right now, a large part of the canon is focused on the events after Revenge of the Sith to just after A New Hope. It's true that there's a 17-year gap between the two films — thus allowing for plenty of untold stories to be told — but that doesn't mean that every other story has to be about that point in time. Whether it's Thrawn, Lords of the Sith, New Dawn, Tarkin or even the upcoming prequel novel to , titled Inferno Squad, these books all tackle those middle years. Heck, even the two anthology films, Rogue One and the untitled and currently in hot water Han Solo spin-off are set in this time period.

But what about the rest? We've gotten almost no content about the three years between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, nothing between Empire and Return of the Jedi, nothing before Phantom Menace, one book after Clone Wars and only a small handful in the years between Jedi and The Force Awakens. It's time for the canon to start exploring these areas more thoroughly instead of focusing a large chunk of the stories on one particular area.

Not that these will guarantee great stories, but fans are starting to wonder what else is going on in the timeline. The demand for Old Republic content is high — an era that took place 1000 years before Phantom Menace — and many are also curious as to what happened in the 30 years before The Force Awakens. Perhaps there are plans for all of this down the line after Episode IX has been released, but the stories that are coming out in book and comic format shouldn't be afraid or restricted to explore a little more. Battlefront II's story mode promises to explore new and uncharted territory in the timeline, but we're long overdue for the canon to step away from the time period circling the first movie. It's time to move on and explore new territory.

What time period do you think Star Wars fans want to see explored most?


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