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Star Wars Celebration weekend has come and gone, leaving us somehow simultaneously exhausted and energized. From exciting trailer drops to panels addressing all your fan queries, it sure made for one eventful Easter— especially for one very special Jedi:

Literal Easter Eggs aside, the true stars of the show were, as usual, the fans. It goes without saying that the dedicated fandom doesn't mess around, especially when it comes to dressing up.

This past weekend saw some seriously talented cosplayers descending upon Orlando, Florida to show off their most impressive intergalactic garb— and they did not disappoint. Of course, anyone can throw on a rented Stormtrooper get-up; but if it's the real nerd points you're after, you're going to have to get creative. Thankfully, the 2017 delivered just that: cosplayers at their most imaginative. Ready to be blown away?

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Thought you had to scout out the perfect location to accurately recreate your favorite Star Wars moments? Think again! One determined group of cosplayers managed to reenact Vader's totally bad-ass hallway scene from the end of , even in the middle of the brightly-lit convention centre.

So before you feast your eyes on the best cosplay this year's Star Wars Celebration had to offer, check out their incredible little skit— and try not to crack up at the bewildered attendees trying to get the hell out of their way:

The Best 2017 Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Mashups

What's better than proving your love for Star Wars with the best costume your sewing machine can conjure? Combining that Star Wars obsession with another piece of nerd culture in a truly awesome amalgamation of geekiness for maximum nerd points, of course!

This year's Star Wars Celebration was absolutely brimming with amazing mashup cosplays. Check them out:

1. Who Says Leia Isn't A Real Disney Princess?

2. Everything's Better In LEGO Form!

3. Darth Vader Is Way Less Intimidating As A Muppet

4. To Be Or Not To Be A Pawn For The Empire?

5. Are These The Steampunk Droids We Were Looking For?

6. 'Family Guy' Meets 'Star Wars' Yet Again

7. Because There's A Minion Version Of Everything

8. Daffy Duck's Turned To The Dark Side

9. It's Indiana Solo!

10. Party On, Nerds!


What did you think of the Star Wars Celebration cosplayers?

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