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The flood gates have opened for the universe ever since the acquisition of the property in 2012. A story group monitors the canon now, making sure every little detail is in line with the greater story, preventing plot holes and inconsistencies with all the intersecting tales. So far, the stories that have been told outside of the films have been clumped together around the timelines of the original trilogy, specifically before and after A New Hope.

I think it's time to step away from that time period, and what a better way to tell a new story than on the screen — the big screen, or (even more alluring) at home? So, here are four options that could easily make the jump to the small screen that take place nowhere near the events of the films.

4. 'The Hundred Year Darkness'

Pre-Disney Canon look at the Hundred Year Darkness. [Credit: Chronicle Books]
Pre-Disney Canon look at the Hundred Year Darkness. [Credit: Chronicle Books]

Mentioned in passing in the main Star Wars comic book series, The Hundred Year Darkness is the catalyst for a lot of the terrible things that happen in the Star Wars universe. Occurring thousands of years before the events in the films, it brought about the advent of the Sith, who were once Jedi yet after a rogue Jedi discovered the dark side and fell into their own order. I believe this would be an excellent story to see on film and the fact that it was mentioned in passing in the comic book series leads me to believe that we will, in fact, see this event in more detail in some other medium in the future.

3. 'Knights Of The Old Republic'

(Darth Bane/Revan/Great Scourge of Malachor)

Petrified remains of those who fought at Malachor as seen in "Rebels". [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Petrified remains of those who fought at Malachor as seen in "Rebels". [Credit: Lucasfilm]

This narrative arc would prove excellent as a long running TV series on Netflix, more so than a trilogy of films. I say that because having multiple events and characters in this case would be better suited for the smaller screen, where multiple point of view characters and events can be woven together to create a tapestry of events while given the proper amount of screen time to develop naturally. The Jedi would be represented as a fully functioning order, possibly even viewed from the perspective of Revan (who isn't yet canon), who are currently at war with the Sith.

Simultaneously, we'd have Darth Bane's (who is canon) uprising before ultimately instigating the Rule of Two (something that could be explored further in film for a proper cross media experience). Yoda himself references the Rule of Two in the prequel films and is mentioned again in The Clone Wars show when Mark Hamill guests as Bane himself. All this can eventually lead up to a series finale with the Great Scourge of Malachor, an event hinted at in The Force Awakens visual dictionary and the eerie aftermath illustrated in Rebels' Season 2 finale.

2. Origins Of The Republic

The Galactic Senate. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Galactic Senate. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Picture this: a political thriller akin to House of Cards or the political maneuverings seen in Game of Thrones, but showcasing the origins of the Republic. Drawing inspiration from the early Roman Republic history, this show would be heavy on betrayals, deception, corruption and other shady deals that would ultimately establish the government that would rule over much of the Galaxy until the whole Order 66/Emperor Palpatine thing.

1. 'Underworld' (Scum And Villainy)

Concept art for "Underworld". [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Concept art for "Underworld". [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Originally conceived by George Lucas himself, Underworld would have been a crime series set in the criminal underworld of Coruscant. The show was set to take place before Episodes III and IV and was set to have a more 1940s noir vibe (according to Lucas himself). The show still has some great ideas and concepts and would make for an interesting setting, with some colorful characters who could be juxtaposed with the equally dirty political high life in the levels above. The show originally didn't get the green light due to budgets, but with shows like Game of Thrones having massive budgets these days, that reason is no longer valid.

Those are my picks for where the story group can take the Star Wars canon to be adapted to the small screen. These events have either been hinted at or raise enough unanswered questions that viewers would be curious to invest into finding the answers. What other time periods or settings could the story group make use of? Fire away your suggestions in the comments below.

Here's a bonus deleted scene from The Force Awakens to tide you over in the mean time:


Which possible narrative interests you the most?


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