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Warning: Middling spoilers ahead for Rogue One. No major plot points are revealed, but continue at your own risk.

Rogue One was everything we wanted it to be. Darker than any other Star Wars movie, Rogue One told a fascinating story about truly nuanced characters — and for once, the frequent cameos and tons of Easter Eggs didn't feel gratuitous. Feeding directly into A New Hope, may have been made in 2016 but it is an absolute nostalgia-fest, completely taking us back to the original trilogy's era. This is thanks to some beautiful set making and fantastic costumes — not to mention the multitude of '70s mustaches adorning many a rebel's face — and of course, all the little nods to history.

Jyn and Cassian prepare a final strike. [Lucasfilm]
Jyn and Cassian prepare a final strike. [Lucasfilm]

So without further ado let's count out the best Easter Eggs we could find!

Ghosts Of Rogues Past

"Rogue One" might be Bodi's improvised call sign for Jyn's stolen shuttle, but the title is also a callback to the Rogue Squadron game. There are multiple references to this video game throughout the film, from the colors of the starfighter squadrons (blue for A-Wings, yellow for Y-Wings, etc), to the Yellow Leader's exclamation as he begins his attack.

"We're starting our bombing run now!"

The Yellow Squadron attack. [Lucasfilm]
The Yellow Squadron attack. [Lucasfilm]

But we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit, as the final act of the movie (possibly the best battle sequence in all of Star Wars) is stuffed full of Easter Eggs that we'll get to later.

Blue Milk: The Diet Of Moisture Farmers

As it turns out, the Ersos are actually moisture farmers just like Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, and their kitchen is stocked with plenty of blue milk.

Luuuuke, come and drink your blue milk! [Lucasfilm]
Luuuuke, come and drink your blue milk! [Lucasfilm]

Blue milk, first seen in A New Hope, is one of Star Wars' most recognizable features. And it actually comes from a Bantha, just fyi.

It's A Planet Killer!

Cassian's informant on Jedha calls the Death Star a "planet killer", hearkening back to the original name for Luke Skywalker and the name for the First Order's answer to the battle station — Starkiller Base.

Recreating An Iconic Shot

When Jyn arrives on Yavin IV, the Rebel base, a beautiful shot from A New Hope is recreated.

Yavin IV in 'A New Hope'...
Yavin IV in 'A New Hope'...
...and in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]
...and in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]

If you didn't get chills in this moment, you're probably dead inside.

We Haven't Heard That Name In A Long Time

Before Jyn and Cassian embark for Jedha, Mon Mothma asks Bail Organa to reach out to his old Jedi friend from the Clone Wars. This is of course Obi Wan Kenobi, whom Bail entrusts Leia to find.

Oh, and there's an absolutely heartwrenching moment when Bail says he trusts Leia with his life, as Leia's subsequent capture by Darth Vader leads to the destruction of Alderaan — and the death of Bail Organa. Ouch, my heart!

Spot The 'Rebels' Crew!

As Jyn and Cassian head off to Scarif with their crew, the aerial view of Yavin IV reveals the Ghost nestled in amongst the other ships...

And when Mon Mothma is alerted of the situation on Scarif, we catch a glimpse of Chopper, the mischievous little droid from the animated show Star Wars: Rebels.

Chopper in the Yavin IV base. [Lucasfilm]
Chopper in the Yavin IV base. [Lucasfilm]

The Rebels crew definitely take part in the events of Rogue One, and there are multiple references to them throughout. In fact, a "General Syndulla" is mentioned over the intercom, which is probably Hera — though she's a captain in Rebels, by Rogue One she seems to have been made a general. (Unless they're referring to her father, General Syndulla from The Clone Wars.)

Bug-Eyed Droid

The bug-like droid from the Sandcrawler in A New Hope can be spotted roaming the streets of Jedha, along with some other very familiar faces...

"He doesn't like you."

Remember that pig-faced dude and his butt-faced friend from the Cantina scene in A New Hope?

Yep, they're hanging out on Jedha too, and they're friendlier to Jyn and Cassian than they are to Obi Wan... but not by much.

A Fallen Jedi

Jedha is an absolute haven of Jedi history and lore, from the Guardians of the Whills to the city itself, which is built on a huge source of Kyber crystals (the power source for lightsabers and, incidentally, the Death Star).

The ruins of Jedha's heritage. [Lucasfilm]
The ruins of Jedha's heritage. [Lucasfilm]

The city also houses a Jedi temple, and as Bodhi journeys out to meet Saw Gerrera, we catch a glimpse of an immense statue of a Jedi, now felled and crumbling into the sand.

"It's a trap!"

Yep, that iconic line from Return of the Jedi is in Rogue One, and Saw Gerrera's the one to say it.

Admiral Ackbar in 'Return of the Jedi'. [Lucasfilm]
Admiral Ackbar in 'Return of the Jedi'. [Lucasfilm]

By the way, he's wrong. In this instant, "it" is definitely not a trap. Poor Bodi.

By My Calculations...

Alan Tudyk's ex-Imperial Enforcer droid is one of the highlights of Rogue One, and his deadpan statements are very reminiscent of C-3PO, as he constantly calculates the team's chances of success and survival.

An Old Battleground

We finally catch up with Darth Vader, and he's chilling on Mustafa, the lava-laced planet where he had his final showdown with Obi Wan in Revenge of the Sith. And either he's built himself a nice little castle, or his new pad is actually a Sith Temple — like the one in which he battled Ahsoka Tano, in the Season 2 finale. The eyes of Vader's mask even have the same red tint as they did in Rebels!

"You were my brother, Anakin!" [Lucasfilm]
"You were my brother, Anakin!" [Lucasfilm]

Oh, and if that wasn't emotional enough for ya, there's a beautiful moment of dramatic irony when we discover Vader in a bacta tank — like the one in which his son will use in Empire Strikes Back.

A Rebel Hero

Wedge Antilles, Luke's buddy and fellow starfighter pilot, is mentioned several times throughout Rogue One, but is never seen onscreen.

Bad Feelings

It wouldn't be a Star Wars movie without someone getting a bad feeling. This time it's Kaytoo, but he doesn't even get to finish the iconic quote before Cassian cuts him off.

'Rebels' Helping Rebels

We get our closest look at the gang from Rebels in the final battle above Scarif, as the Ghost can clearly be seen alongside the Tantive IV.

The Ghost and Tantive IV in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]
The Ghost and Tantive IV in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]

It seems that the Ghost survived the battle, and we see it fly across the viewscreen of Krennic's Star Destroyer later on.

'Episode IV' Cameos

Red Leader Garven Dreis and Gold Leader Jon Vander can be seen in the Scarif space battle — these two characters appeared in A New Hope, and were digitally added to Rogue One. It's little touches like this that really hammer home the point that this movie takes place just before the original trilogy. And speaking of hammering...

"Get me a Hammerhead Corvette!"

In what has got to be one of Star Wars' best battle scenes, the Rebel fleet use a Hammerhead Corvette to literally push one inert Star Destroyer into the other two. It's such a simple move but proves absolutely invaluable, showing how the Rebel Alliance didn't win by strength of force but improvisation and ingenuity.

Leia and the Ghost crew steal the Hammerhead Corvettes. [Disney XD]
Leia and the Ghost crew steal the Hammerhead Corvettes. [Disney XD]

Also, the three Hammerhead Corvettes we see in the battle were stolen by Leia and, you guessed it, the crew of the Ghost in Star Wars: Rebels Season 2.

Black Saber

When searching for the Death Star plans, Jyn stumbles across some kind of Imperial mission concerning a "black saber", which is another term for a dark saber. This ancient and dangerous weapon appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and is an important part of Sabine's plot in the current season of Star Wars: Rebels.

If Rogue One hasn't persuaded you to watch the animated series, nothing will.

Red Five, Standing By

In A New Hope, Luke uses the callsign of Red Five as he flies in the X-Wing squadron. Another Red Five pops up in Rogue One — before he conveniently dies, freeing up the sign for Luke to use just days later, when he will be the one to blow up the Death Star. Man, A New Hope is such a good Rogue One sequel.

The entirety of Rogue One is one big Easter Egg, but were there any other references that gave you all the feels? Let us know in the comments!


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