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We might still have a long time to wait until is finally released, but time (and lack of official news) only fuels the churn of that ol' rumor mill. The latest "leak" may not look like much, but it caused us to re-examine some older rumors to see whether more recent leaks have contradicted previous reports or confirmed some elements. And a pattern is surely starting to emerge.

Finn books passage off Takodana in 'The Force Awakens'. [Lucasfilm]
Finn books passage off Takodana in 'The Force Awakens'. [Lucasfilm]

This latest snippet comes to us via the reliably unreliable Star Wars Leaks subreddit, and it's concerning a young extra who has been hired for a mysterious role in Star Wars Episode VIII. Here's the Reddit post, in all its self-deprecating, tongue-in-cheek glory:

Oh boy, this is a DOOZY. (Not really.) I held onto it for a little while, fearing that a spoiler of this magnitude would send Disney and Lucasfilm into a tailspin of recovery that could destabilise the schedule of the entire franchise, but I'll take those odds.

As part of my job, back in Summer, I processed a few forms for children to be taken out of school for the purposes of acting... But I saw another one. Another for "SPACE BEAR". Well, Rian Johnson, I bet you didn't count on a NERD checking these, did you?! You can't fool me.

Well, one of the parts for an extra in the film is a "stable boy". I'm assuming that's for tending to whatever the Star Wars equivalent of horses is (are the tauntauns back?), but it may just be a part requiring a child with exceptional balance or something. I'm sorry for spoiling the film for you all.

As we all know, Space Bear is the working title for Star Wars 8, so there doesn't seem to be any reason to doubt the veracity of this — very very small — leak. So why is it worth talking about?

Well, on its own it isn't really. But when we put it together with other leaks and rumors, there's a wider picture starting to emerge — and after all, do we really have anything better to do in the year or so before Episode 8 is released than to obsess over tiny details? You'd better believe we don't.

Glamorous Undercover Mission

The B-plot of Star Wars 8 seems to concern Finn's next mission. According to multiple different sources earlier this year, after we check back with Rey and Luke at the beginning of Star Wars Episode 8, the film will cut to Han's funeral, in which an attempt will be made on Leia's life.

Leia and Chewie meet again in 'The Force Awakens'. [Lucasfilm]
Leia and Chewie meet again in 'The Force Awakens'. [Lucasfilm]

After defending herself with the Force (hooray!) a wounded Leia sends Finn off to gather intel on who attacked her. Thanks to leaked set photos it looks like this mission takes Finn to historic walled city — filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, these scenes culminate in a thrilling chase through moonlit streets, featuring crashed hovercraft and Finn riding a weird-looking alien horse.

And here's where our "stable boy" comes in. It seems as though Finn (probably accompanied by Poe, and Kelly Marie Tran's informant character) will infiltrate some sort of formal occasion — possibly a party, judging by their assailant's tuxedos in the leaked pictures. After getting their information, it may be that our Resistance heroes are discovered, causing them to seek hasty transport out of there.

Cue Finn, Poe, and Kelly Marie Tran's character running down to the stables, and meeting that stable boy we've heard so much about.

It's all just a case of joining the dots, so we could be way off the mark with our speculation here. Maybe the Dubrovnik scenes actually have nothing to do with the attempted attack on Leia. But this is all starting to sound very similar to that leaked script from earlier this year — again released on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, this supposedly leaked summary mentioned the Dubrovnik scenes, claiming that Finn, Poe, and Kelly Marie Tran's character are seeking out a treacherous member of the Resistance.

Put that together with the attempted assassination of Leia, and you've got an interesting little subplot about treachery and betrayal in the Resistance. Not to mention a reason for Lucasfilm to hire a young stable boy who could provide Finn with transport when things go South. Told you we were going to obsess over the details.

Watch the video for a full breakdown of the Star Wars timeline...

...and tell us in the comments: Do you think these leaks are true?

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