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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and will continue the new saga that J.J. Abrams created in The Force Awakens. The first trailer for The Last Jedi recently dropped, and Rian Johnson’s film looks like it is going to be everything that the fans hope it can be. But, as with most fan bases, there are a few pockets of people that are concerned that the film may not live up to their expectations.

When it comes to The Last Jedi, some people have been speculating that it is going to be a rehash of . It's a bold move to deduce this about a movie that hasn't come out yet, but given the parallels between The Force Awakens and A New Hope, it's not entirely unjustified.

Someone took to Twitter to say that The Last Jedi was going to be a copy of Empire Strikes Back, and Rian Johnson replied and dispelled the notion.

Rian Johnson Strikes Back On Twitter

Collider's official Twitter account recently shared a video from their YouTube show Jedi Council. In the video, Kristian Harloff is talking about the minor problems that Mark Hamill had with his character's arc in The Last Jedi.

In response to the post, a Twitter user going by the name Gregors commented that the new Star Wars film was just going to copy Empire Strikes Back. Rian Johnson caught wind of this comment, and replied in a beautifully sarcastic manor.

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Rian Johnson’s reply was awesome, and it shows that he has a sense of humor when it comes to silly Twitter comments. Kristian Harloff replied to Gregors in a dismissive way, and then went on to tell Johnson that the trailer for The Last Jedi looked great.

Gregors walked back his comment after Johnson replied, and pushed the blame on to Disney. He claimed that Disney has a need to control every aspect of their films (a rumor we assume he cannot verify, unless he's an undercover Disney employee). Rian Johnson wasn’t done with the Twitter user yet, and commented that he had as much creative ownership of The Last Jedi as any film he has done.

'The Last Jedi' Will Be It's Own Film

Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Rian Johnson is a director with a style all of his own. With films like Looper and Brick, Johnson has used his unique style to tell amazing stories. Lucasfilm and Disney were very careful when they selected Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy has praised his writing skills. He is looking to take the franchise in a new direction, and based on everything we have seen so far, he is doing it in tremendous fashion.

Sure, the film might draw inspiration from previous saga films, but Rogue One showed us that a director can take something familiar and transform it into something completely different. The Last Jedi is going to be darker in some ways, like Empire Strikes Back, but that doesn’t mean that they will have similar beats – tone and story are not the same thing.

Rian Johnson has been putting everything he has into the The Last Jedi, and judging by what we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like the film is going to live up to the long line of great Star Wars film. Regardless of what any troll says on Twitter, The Last Jedi looks like a fresh take on a property many people hold very dear to their hearts.

Make sure you check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

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