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This is not a drill! After over a year of waiting, the title for Star Wars Episode VIII has finally been revealed, putting all those rumored titles for rest once and for all. Like The Force Awakens before it, this title has huge implications for and definitely proves that will take our heroes down a darker path than they expected.

The official Lucasfilm/Disney website was the one to break the news, revealing the title in a video posted to their site earlier this morning.

Disappointed? Elated? Tell us in the comments! [Credit: Disney]
Disappointed? Elated? Tell us in the comments! [Credit: Disney]

The movie's full title is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and just like they did with , the announcement has removed the episode and number from the movie's title. Whether this will be included in the marketing and branding remains to be seen.

So what does this title mean for the movie's plot? We have plenty of months to speculate about this, but just off the cuff The Last Jedi seems to refer to a specific person — either Luke Skywalker, or Rey, will be the last one to continue the Jedi Order. Bring on the fan theories!


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