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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Hey readers how’s it going?! Oh really? Sounds pretty interesting...hmm what’s that? Thanks for asking, well I’m just playing videogames with my best bud Luke Skywalker! By the way I’m whooping his butt in this game. Hey Luke who’s your DADDY? Ha-ha In your face chump! Hey man where are you going? Dude I’m sorry I forgot about the whole Vader being your dad and him cutting your arm off along with finding out that hot chick was your sister the whole time! Come on man just one more game? Fine be a little baby, next time I’ll cut off your other hand.

Hey readers, sorry about that someone clearly has daddy issues. So if you’re wondering why I brought you here, well... I stumbled upon Youtube and a very happy Star Wars fan made a trailer for the new movie! Oh yeah, pretty cool right? Also I need to add that this fan made trailer is kind of old but I liked it, so enjoy it. Whoa-whoa reader where are you going?! I didn’t tell you to click the video yet, ok whatever just watch the video but when you’re done you better come back to this exact spot and read the rest of my dang article! Ok go away enjoy the video jeez...


Now you're back, (took you long enough) lets see.. umm dang it readers! You made forget the rest of my article! I told you not to be away for so long! Wait what? Man you're crazy I know what I said before you left- to watch that trailer. That’s it I give up, you don’t have to read this. Wait! Please come back readers I need the views! None of you know the struggle!! Never mind I going to go swimming in my huge pool with a giant backyard I mean my small kiddy pool with tiny backyard. Peace!


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