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With all of the Snoke theories circulating, it is rather overwhelming. There has been claims since the release of The Force Awakens that Snoke is Darth Plagueis, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Jar Jar Binks and even Rebel X-Wing Pilot Jek Porkins. Others believe the claim made by J.J. Abrams that Snoke is just an entirely new character. Well here is yet another theory to consider: Obi-Wan Kenobi is Snoke and Rey is Luke and Leia's half-sister.

How is this even possible, you might ask?

A deceiving Obi-Wan in action
A deceiving Obi-Wan in action

Well, back in Episode 4 in the Death Star confrontation, Obi-Wan used a force trick to disappear right before he got struck down by Vader’s saber: He simply vanished. In all of the other lightsaber duels, we see the limbs and bodies of those who encounter the saber’s blade. Even Vader was surprised by this trick as he stepped on his robe to investigate where Obi-Wan disappeared to.

We see him appear as a Force Ghost, but that does not mean he is gone. He is just not in corporeal form. Kenobi pulled himself out of the world of the physical and is using the Force to manipulate others for his ultimate cause.

The Trick to become Snoke
The Trick to become Snoke

Why Would He Be Snoke?

And why would he be assisting the New Order? S.N.O.K.E. is an acronym for Secret Noble Order of Knights Eternal, a sect of the Jedi Knights. Kenobi and Yoda were major figureheads of this group. They don’t necessarily care about the Rebel Alliance, but use them to gain an advantage in their fight against the Sith. Obi-Wan is carrying out a Jedi mission to stop Anakin Skywalker, as well as his descendants, and to destroy the Emperor’s rising Galactic Empire, which was issued once they became aware of Order 66 and Anakin’s immanent passing to the Dark Side.

Kenobi knew that he could not defeat Vader physically as he had aged, but could influence Vader’s son, Luke, to learn and build the skills needed from himself and Yoda to destroy Vader.

But Obi-Wan Was Like A Father Figure To Luke?

No, Kenobi barely associated with Luke, and only checked on him from a distance to make sure he would not turn to the Dark Side. He and Luke were only mere acquaintances. Luke himself only knew of Ben as “The Old Hermit.”

The Skywalkers were very over-emotional and easily manipulated, as is demonstrated when Luke is seen upset over Kenobi’s death. He “can’t believe he is gone.” This is not a typical reaction to a man you barely knew.

Over Emotional Luke
Over Emotional Luke

In Episode 4, Obi-Wan is seen manipulating young Luke, telling him that he needs to accompany him on his mission. Luke tries to make excuses to not go, that he is needed back at his Aunt and Uncle's farm, but Obi-Wan knows no matter how much Luke delays the mission, he will ultimately join him.

Kenobi would have struck Luke down if he seemed to have too much of Anakin’s restless ways in him. That is the ultimate plan — to eliminate Luke and Leia, once the threat of the Empire is diminished for good. Up to this point they are merely pawns in this grand scheme, because Kenobi knows they can defeat the Empire before he eliminates them.

In much the same way that Kenobi influenced Luke, he is using the disguise of the “Snoke” persona to influence Kylo Ren. The major issue at hand was the Jedi that Luke was training were, of course, not traditional by any means and were a threat to the light side of the force. They had the over-emotional Skywalker as their leader, who only had a few crash course lessons from Yoda. Kenobi had to have a legitimate way to snuff these Jedi out, so he influenced Kylo to let the Knights of Ren deal with them.

The ultimate weapon to end the Skywalker bloodline is with Rey, Luke and Leia's half-sister.

How Is This Even Possible?

She appears to be much younger.

Rey - the ultimate weapon
Rey - the ultimate weapon

You see, Vader had another child a year after Padme died with a woman named Nira, who served on the Imperial Council. Kenobi (Snoke) had her kidnapped and was left on planet Jakku.

Rey is really only a year younger than Luke. The planet she was placed on has a slower orbital rotation around its sun, so she has aged very slowly, unlike Luke and Leia, who now appear much older. This again was a plan of Kenobi to have a much younger force-influenced person ultimately take out Kylo, Leia and Luke. That is why she can quickly advance in her force skills. She contains the spark that will rekindle the fire.

The final opus to this scheme will be that Obi-Wan (Snoke) will have to eliminate Rey. This will bring balance to the force with all Sith and Skywalker kin gone forever.

Let the hate flow through you!
Let the hate flow through you!

What do you think of this theory?


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