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One of the most special parts of 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the unlikely dynamic between Han Solo and Rey. The two heroes became partners — reluctantly at first, on Han's part — and their bond became the film's central focus in a way. But their relationship was cut short by Kylo Ren driving a lightsaber through his own father's heart.

Fortunately, we have an exciting new adventure to flesh out their backstory. Back in July, Lucasfilm and Disney started releasing Star Wars Forces Of Destiny, a series of online animated shorts centered around the female heroes of the Star Wars universe. For the past few months, we've gotten a slew of cool adventures starring characters like Rey, , and .

Now "Tracker Double," which is set during , has hit the internet — with reprising her role of Rey while A.J. LoCascio takes over as the voice of Han Solo.

Han Solo And Rey Have Some Fun Fixing The Millennium Falcon

The short focuses on Rey and as they make their way to Maz Kanata's castle. The best part is that "Tracker Double" is not just an action adventure; it actually delves deeper into their relationship and why they hit it off so well later on in the film.

While Han and Rey formed a peculiar father-daughter bond, their dynamic felt a bit rushed early on. Rey told Han a few technical details about the ship, and he was impressed, but once they got to Maz's planet, the Nerf Herder was already offering her a job by his side.

While it was a touching moment between the two and a sign of Rey having found a family of her own, the scene didn't quite feel earned, because it wasn't likely for grumpy Han Solo to hire someone he had just met. "Tracker Double," however, gives their relationship a great piece of backstory. Rey actually saved Han's life during their trip, and the ending of the short makes it clear that Han is quite pleased with her, as he told our young hero: "Good catch, kid."

Going by Han's attitude during , that's not an empty compliment. Furthermore, Rey's line at the end ("We make a good team") sets up their future relationship perfectly. I don't know about you, but it makes the fact that Han is gone even sadder.

If you enjoyed this short, there's good news: it was only the second one in a new series of eight. The next will be released on October 29, 2017, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

We'll get to see Rey continue on her heroic journey when hits theaters on December 15.

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