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Thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One, geeks have two new strong female characters to admire: Rey and Jyn Erso (along with Princess/General Leia, who appears in both films). And now all three characters are coming to the animated miniseries Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, with Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones reprising their film roles.

If that weren't exciting enough, our own SuperNews hosts Joe and Phill invited Forces of Destiny writer Jennifer Muro into the studio for a conversation about the miniseries, plus her other projects (including Justice League: Action), what she's geeking out over now, and why Wonder Woman matters. You can watch the full interview below:

Here are a few of the biggest takeaways:

3. 'We Are All Diana'

Jennifer Muro got some of her voice actor friends and other colleagues to gather at a showing to support Patty Jenkins. They wore T-shirts that read "We Are All Diana" because of the inspirational movie. What's super cool is that responded with high praise on Twitter:

2. She's Been A Geek Since Childhood, And Met Her Animation Idol

Who here had a Star Wars-themed party growing up? I know I did, and so did Jennifer Muro. When she was a teenager, Muro worked at one the Warner Bros. stores and would help sell some of the original DC animation cells. Everything came full circle when visited the office of writer Alan Burnett at Warner Bros. Studios. (Yes, that Burnett, who has had a hand in virtually every DC animated project since Super Friends, including Batman: The Animated Series.)

Being such a big fan, Muro almost started crying tears of joy when she entered his office. As she said on the show, "Dreams do come true."

1. Her Dream Project

Jennifer Muro revealed that, hands down, her ideal project would be a TV show about Themyscira — that's right, the birthplace of Wonder Woman. Just think about all of the stories that could be told about Wonder Woman's fellow Amazonians! Wouldn't you like to see more of Artemis? Muro could open up a whole new world, and introduce a series of new characters that we've never seen before. Please, let's make this happen!

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny premieres July 3, 2017 on Disney's YouTube channel.


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