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Star Wars has enticed fans over generations with its wide variety of characters and unique world-building. In fact, the franchise has even managed to create a place in our hearts for lovable droids. While the original trilogy gave us the iconic duo of C-3PO and R2-D2, J.J. Abrams's wooed us with BB-8. Even the spin-offs brought us the likes of K-2SO in Rogue One and Chopper in Star Wars: Rebels. So, all fans know just how important droids are to the Star Wars universe - and with Disney Parks' latest addition, Galaxy's Edge, it looks like we'll be treated to yet another lovable droid.

From the creative minds of Walt Disney Imagineering, this autonomous droid was seen roaming around this year's Expo. Although little is known about the droid, whose name is Jake, it was playfully interacting with fans and posing for selfies.

Although there isn't any official description so far, the distinct white and orange color pattern is certainly reminiscent of our favorite Star Wars droids. As these characters have been known to play a pivotal part in the franchise's intergalactic stories, there is a possibility that Jake might play an integral role in the interactive narratives of Galaxy's Edge. So, in case you end up crossing paths with Jake while touring through this trading outpost, don't forget to give Jake a warm greeting.

'Galaxy's Edge': A Chance To Create Your Own Star Wars Story

As fans, we've been through the exhilarating chase sequence on Endor, heard about the coarseness of Tatooine's sand and witnessed the technological excellence of Coruscant. With Galaxy's Edge, we'll not only be able to transport ourselves to the world of Star Wars, but also create an exclusive story thanks to the Park's interactive elements.

While taking a tour through the massive model of Galaxy's Edge, Star Wars Imagineer Scott Trowbridge elaborated on what will be possible while visiting the park,

"One of the things we wanted to make sure we did was create a place that allowed our guests to discover their own Star Wars story. So, that meant not just recreating a fan favorite place like Tattooine or Hoth. Those are great places and we know the stories that've happened there but we also know that we're not in those stories. So, that led us to this idea of building this planet, a place that is well known to folks inside the Star Wars Universe but we may be discovering it for the first time. But it is a place that provides a lot of opportunities for exploration and discover and start to participate in our own Star Wars adventure."

This is a truly innovative approach, giving fans a sense of individuality which wouldn't have been possible by recreating moments from the movies. According to Scott, Galaxy's Edge will engage fans by rewarding them with galactic credits or placing a bounty on their head in case of any missteps,

"So, if you do a great job at flying the [Millennium] Falcon, you might find a few extra galactic credits coming your way. But if you bang the ship up and bring it back all damaged, bossman might not be too happy with that and when you roll across the street to the local Cantina, you might hear from someone that maybe there's even a bounty on your head. Because you owe more money than you have."

As the choice to create a park based on a new planet risks alienating fans, Galaxy's Edge consists of ample callbacks to the movies. While talking about the intricacies of the park, Scott mentioned the inclusion of Han Solo's iconic spacecraft and even a rendezvous with the First Order,

"So we're actually gonna open this project with two big anchor attraction experiences. The first puts you behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon, one of the fastest ships in the galaxy and this time you're going to actually control it. So you fly left, the ship goes left. You fly right and smash into that building, that is completely your choice. Although, I will tell you that if you bring back the ship all banged up, the bossman might not be too happy and this is a land where those kinds of choices have consequences.

Other big anchor attraction experience that we're opening with puts you right in the middle of an epic battle between the first order and the Resistance. It's everything that you expect out of a Star Wars experience. The scale, the action, the humor even, that makes Star Wars -- Star Wars, all kind of in one big epic attraction experience."

Given the level of interaction that is being promised, this is certainly going to be a one-of-a-kind experience for fans. From interactive X-wings to a multitude of creatures, aliens and droids, Galaxy's Edge is bound to blow our minds when we can finally visit in 2019.

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(Source: i09 Gizmodo, Matthew Panzarino)


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