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Update: Lucasfilm announced today via that Ron Howard has been picked as the new director to tackle the Han Solo film. It was three weeks left of production left along with another five scheduled weeks of reshoots, so it's safe to say Mr. Howard will be quite busy!

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In a surprise move, directors Lord and Miller have stepped down from the untitled Han Solo spin-off film in the Star Wars franchise. Both the directors and Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy echoed each other's statements, citing "creative differences" as the catalyst for their split. The film has been in production for months now and likely only had a few more weeks left before the scheduled reshoots.

The film is still on track for a May 25, 2018 release date, so the film can't be left in limbo too long. Kennedy stated in her press release that a new director will be announced "soon." It's extremely unfortunate that Lord and Miller, the talent behind the Jump Street films and the Lego Movie aren't involved anymore, but fans are always looking to the future. So, who should tackle the remaining portions of the film and help mold the film into the vision Lucasfilm want it to be?

1. Gareth Edwards

has already proved himself worthy by directing 2016's gritty, war-torn feature Rogue One. It was the first film under the new anthology banner and definitely an experiment for Lucasfilm to undertake. Edwards would be an ideal candidate as he's already familiar with the nuances that are needed in an anthology film and knows where Disney and Lucasfilm want to take their vision.

2. Tony Gilroy

helped out Gareth Edwards on the lengthy reshoots for Rogue One. He knows a thing or two by now about working on a tight schedule on a huge production, and considering the time table the Han Solo movie is on right now, having someone with Tony's experience definitely would be welcome. Tony's worked extensively on the Bourne films as a writer and has directed the critically acclaimed film Michael Clayton with George Clooney.

3. Jon Favreau

has been working closely with Marvel and Disney for the past few years now, having directed two of the Iron Man films as well as the Jungle Book remake for the Mouse House. Since he's already a hit director on good terms with Disney, giving him the Han Solo project would be a great way to test the waters to see if he can handle a full production under the Star Wars banner. Favreau's humor and lighthearted style would fit well with what many of us would likely imagine a Han Solo movie to be.

4. Ron Howard

According to Deadline, awarding-winning director is one of the front runners to take over the directorial duties on the film. Howard's worked on a number of critically acclaimed films, from Rush to A Beautiful Mind, as well as the fun-if-uneven Into The Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth.

5. J.J. Abrams

Considering the script for the Han Solo movie is co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, the man who helped write The Force Awakens, teaming him up again with seems to make perfect sense from both a creative point of view as well as a marketing one. J.J. knows what he's doing and has already expressed a regret in not doing The Last Jedi so this could be a good moment to step back into a galaxy far, far away without committing to the full production.

It sucks that Lord and Miller's for the movie caused them to disagree with the production team and eventually force them to leave the film. The pair are extremely talented and were a huge selling point for many fans were who weren't 100% on board with the film already. Now it's up to a new director-and likely a new vision-to bring this falcon back home.


Who should succeed Lord and Miller as director of the untitled Han Solo film?



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