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Harrison Ford is no rookie when it comes to flying — both as his iconic Star Wars character and in real life. Having said this, life may not imitate art, as the fastest pilot in the galaxy was involved in a near-fatal incident at John Wayne Airport in California, when the actor had problems landing on what he thought was the runway.

was flying his private plane in Southern California, and attempted to land in Orange County's John Wayne airport. However, Mr. Ford's plane attempted to land on a taxiway, where he flew dangerously low over a Boeing 737 full of passengers and crew destined for Dallas.

Yes you, Harrison [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Yes you, Harrison [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have launched a full investigation. According to NBC News — who first reported the story — Ford can be heard questioning air traffic control, asking "was that airliner meant to be underneath me?"

The FAA have released a statement, but they do not mention Ford by name. They also do not mention how close he came to hitting the passenger plane.

“Air traffic controllers cleared the pilot of a single-engine Aviat Husky to land on Runway 20L at John Wayne Airport Monday afternoon. The pilot correctly read back the clearance. The pilot then landed on a taxiway that runs parallel to the runway, overflying a Boeing 737 that was holding short of the runway. The FAA is investigating this incident.”

Orange County's John Wayne airport [Credit: Wikicommons]
Orange County's John Wayne airport [Credit: Wikicommons]

In 2014, Harrison Ford was involved in a serious crash when his plane suffered engine failure and crash-landed in a Venice gold course. Ford suffered several broken bones and a head injury that has since healed.

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Ford has been flying for decades, logging thousands of hours in the air. He also collects vintage places, and has licences to fly everything from helicopters to sea-planes. Like Han, a highly experienced pilot.

Despite the fact that no one was hurt, there is a chance Ford might have his license suspended — but let's just hope it's a slap on the wrist and/or a fine so that he can jump right back into the Millennium Falcon.


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