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I'll admit it, us diehard Star Wars fans can be pretty demanding when it comes to tidbits and morsels regarding our beloved franchise, and understandably so. For decades the chapters in the saga have been closely guarded, kept under lock and key until months before their release. This has been no different for the upcoming installment The Last Jedi. While we've had a trailer and some cool images of the cast, there's still very little we know about the movie.

Fortunately, that hunger for fresh information leads us to look for clues in the unlikeliest of places. Such as toys. Many times in the past we've seen just how useful uncovering details via a child's plaything can be. And that seemingly strange practice has paid off once again.

The Instagram page Delta Customs –– known for sharing Lego sets from anticipated blockbusters ahead of their release –– has released a batch of images of new Lego sets for . The interesting thing is that the page deleted the pictures shortly after posting them. But worry not — we have them. As you can imagine, these images reveal a slew of interesting new information.

Rey Is About To Come Face-To-Face With The Empire's New Weapon

The Last Jedi will show us 's Jedi journey, but it looks like training won't be the only thing she'll be doing in the movie. One of the Lego sets gives us a look at the First Order's new weapons the Heavy Assault Walkers, which are basically modern AT-ATs. If you take a closer look at the box art, you'll see Rey with her new lightsaber in hand, going up against the impressive machine.

[Credit: Delta Customs]
[Credit: Delta Customs]

This image teases something very important for our beloved scavenger: We could see her becoming a full-fledged in the film. Rey is Force-sensitive, so it's an exciting notion to think we'll finally get to see her embrace her abilities.

The toy set also creates an interesting parallel with . In one of the most iconic scenes from the film, the Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker takes on an AT-AT, first by tying it up and then by cutting it open with his lightsaber and throwing a bomb inside. This time around, Rey is going up against the modern version of the Walkers, armed with nothing but a lightsaber on a snowy planet. I must say, that's a nice callback.

Snoke's Stature Is Finally Confirmed

Supreme Leader Snoke was one of the most enigmatic figures in . Almost two years after its release, we're still trying to figure out who this guy is. These new Lego sets don't help us with clues to his identity, but they do answer a yearlong mystery: What is Snoke's actual size? The Instagram profile revealed a set with a Star Destroyer featuring Snoke cruising along:

[Credit: Delta Custmos]
[Credit: Delta Custmos]

In The Force Awakens, Snoke is depicted as a gigantic being. However, near the end of the film we learn his size was just an illusion, courtesy of a hologram. That left us with a very frustrating question: Was Snoke really big or was it just his attempt at a larger presence? Going by the set, the answer could be the latter. Snoke's figurine is the same size as the First Order's soldiers figurines, suggesting the dark being is the same size as an average human.

It's also worth pointing out that he's no longer wearing the dark robes he's known for. This time, he's going for a more regal appearance courtesy of golden robes.

Dark BB-8s

BB-8 stole the hearts of millions of fans in The Force Awakens. And rightly so, seeing as he was the epitome of goodness, innocence and cuteness. Well, get ready for his dark counterparts (that's right, plural) in The Last Jedi. The same set that revealed Snoke's true size also provide us with our first look at BB droids working for the First Order. Different to BB-8, they're completely black.

It will be quite a contrast to see the adorable BB-8 and its dark versions in the same film, but these new units are not much of a surprise. In The Force Awakens, BB-8 is often referred to as a BB unit, suggesting the droid was just one of many from a large series. Having droids of the same model serving both the First Order and the Resistance makes sense, as this is how it was with C-3PO.

Poe Dameron's New Rank

Despite his appearance in The Force Awakens being a brief one, Poe Dameron became an instant fan favorite and an integral part of taking down the First Order's dreaded weapon, Starkiller Base. Fortunately, it looks like he was rewarded for his efforts. The Heavy Assault Walker Lego set includes a Poe Dameron figurine. In the character's description, he's listed as Captain Poe Dameron, which means he's been given a promotion. Nice going, Poe.

With all the information we were able to glean from these Lego sets, I found it intriguing as to why Delta Customs deleted the images from Instagram. Regardless, these details got me a whole lot more excited for : The Last Jedi, which is set for theatrical release on December 15.

Do you agree with these revelations from the The Last Jedi Lego sets? Sound off in the comments.


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