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Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi is fast approaching, promising resolutions to all of the questions The Force Awakens left unanswered. The Last Jedi has the potential to be one of the most exciting chapters to date; indeed, earlier this month, it was teased the film would give us the biggest twist in Star Wars history.

That's all quite exciting, but what if I told you would also be responsible for perhaps the most nostalgic reunion in Star Wars history? It's time to get hyped, because this might be coming our way later this year...

Luke Skywalker May Finally Be Reunited With His Sister, Leia

Lucasfilm Story Group executive, recently attended a convention in Chile. According to some, he stated that, after over 30 years, we'd finally see Luke and Leia reunited during The Last Jedi — but there's a serious catch.

You see, there's something stopping us from excitedly jumping up and down for seeing the beloved pair of twins reunited: Hidalgo's actual quote during the panel is shrouded in mystery. One Reddit user by the name of BlackHarpy claimed he was at that conference. He said that, while Hidalgo was having translating issues and his real statement didn't make it through clearly, he didn't actually confirm a Luke and Leia reunion. Instead, he just discussed their strong bond.

"That's weird, I was in that panel and I didn't hear Pablo saying that. He was just talking about the connection Luke and Leia have, but didn't say anything about a reunion. The most important things he said though was about Phasma appearance and few bits of Luke's stay in Ahch-To. His translator had a few mistakes trying to express what Pablo said sometimes, that's maybe the reason of people thinking he confirmed a reunion."

Now, while it's a bit sad to not get confirmation about it, don't get discouraged just yet. This little confusion begs the question...

Are Luke And Leia Appearing Together In 'The Last Jedi'?

Short answer: It's very likely. There are a few pieces of evidence suggesting Luke and Leia will indeed have their long-awaited reunion during The Last Jedi. Vanity Fair recently released a slew of magazine covers for The Last Jedi, featuring various members of the cast together. One particularly striking photograph was that of General Leia and hugging each other.

Luke and Leia together once again [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney/Vanity Fair]
Luke and Leia together once again [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney/Vanity Fair]

Yes, the photoshoot was all about showcasing the film's cast, but Luke holding Leia was a very specific moment that Lucasfilm and Disney knew fans were clamoring for. Both studios are very particular about what glimpses we get from a galaxy far, far away, they were then therefore fully aware of the effect sending out that kind of picture would have.

Furthermore, 's main goal was to slowly reintroduce us to the original trilogy characters. From what we saw in the trailer and what we've gathered from story details, The Last Jedi will be furthering those journeys, and delving deeper into the characters' stories, mainly a more thorough exploration of Luke's tormented past and Leia's troubles with her son.

With all of that family-based character development — and as Hidalgo teased it, their own family bond — it would be strange to not have Luke and united in the middle of this new trilogy. So yes, it's very likely we'll get to see the beloved set of twins united once again.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind this is only speculation on my part. We'll get to unravel the mystery behind Luke and Leia's reunion when Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15, 2018.

Do you think we'll see Luke and Leia finally reunited in The Last Jedi? Let me know in the comments!

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