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"It's time for the Jedi to end," utters Luke Skywalker in the first teaser for The Last Jedi. For any Star Wars fans, that's a blasphemous statement. The Jedi, the purveyors of the importance of the light side, should eternally exist to maintain peace and to prevent evil organizations such as the First Order from taking control of the galaxy.

Without the Jedi, the Star Wars universe will presumably be left in a state of chaos, with Sith Lords ruling supreme. So why would one of most respect Jedi Masters, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) say such a thing? Well, an incredibly well thought and meticulous theory by Reddit user Obversa may explain. The answer is closely linked to Rey's training, and may also explain the underlying plot of .

*Warning: Potential heavy spoilers for The Last Jedi's main plot points lie ahead*

To understand the significance of Luke's line, the theory goes way back in time. Before the Jedi Order was formed, there was an organization known as the Je'daii order. The Je'daii Order (also known as "The First Jedi") were united by a belief in , but unlike the polarized view of Jedi, their philosophy hinged on maintaining balance between Ashla (the Light side) and Bogan (the Dark side). For Je'daii, balance is key.

Seven centuries before the formation of the Galactic Republic, a decade-long conflict known as The Force Wars ended with victory for those who believed in Ashla, (marking defeat for the followers of Bogan). This victory provided the catalyst for the Jedi Order, a group who fully believe in the power (and dominance) of the Light side.

Rey's Role As The Chosen One To Restore Balance

The trouble is, the Jedi Order's belief in the purity of the Light side has caused an imbalance in the Force. Step forward Rey, who will begin her training with throughout The Last Jedi. The theory claims that, rather than training in the Light side as a , Rey will instead learn the teachings and philosophy of the ancient Je'daii. As evidenced by 's line — in response to Luke asking her what she sees:

"Light. Darkness. Balance."

And here's where the theory gets even more interesting — Rey is the chosen one. It's evident Daisy Ridley's character is conceived to be one of the most important characters in the universe, but this theory takes things a step further. Like Anakin Skywalker, Rey could be the chosen one of the Force, but in accordance with the teachings of the Je'daii. In short: Rey's mission in The Last Jedi will be to return balance to the Force. How will she do that? By putting an end to the Jedi. Eeek! Or... Yay?!

There's reason to be more yay! than eeek!. Throughout the ages, the cycle of destruction between Jedi and Sith has repeated, over and over. The theory claims that this is a result of an imbalance in the Force. If the philosophy of the Je'daii is correct, restoring this balance is key to future peace. In fact, it was the destruction of Bogan that gave room to the dark side to flourish in the form of the Sith. Crucially, this doesn't mean those on the light side of life will just give up, roll over and let evil take control.

Introducing... The Gray Jedi

Interestingly, Anakin, the previously deemed "Chosen One," may've been on to something. His journey from hero-to-villain-to-redeemed-hero is fitting; he was a skilled Jedi who couldn't quite get the balance between light and dark, but he did acknowledge that, from his point of view, "the Jedi are evil." Although far from evil, taking this theory into consideration, the Jedi, in pursuing moralistic purity, are themselves damaging to the greater good.

From The Last Jedi teaser, it appears Luke knows this, a belief no doubt compounded by Kylo Ren's massacre of his new generation of Jedi. That adds a whole new meaning to his comment "it's time for the Jedi to end." As Rian Johnson has already confirmed that the last Jedi is a single person, it looks pretty certain to be Luke. But what will this mean for the future of the Jedi, and for Rey?

This theory on The Last Jedi also fits in with a number of other theories that Rey, along with Luke, may end up the so-called Gray Jedi, a previously canon term for users who balance between the light side and the dark side, without ever giving in to the former. Historically, Gray Jedi don't follow the same strict philosophy of the Jedi High Council. In essence, they find balance. Characters such as Qui-Gon Jinn, Cade Skywalker and Ashoka Tano fall into this criteria.

There's enough evidence to suggest Rey will be next. As well as alleged leaks for Star Wars 8 referencing the origin of the Force, and thus the Je'daii as mentioned above, a promotional poster appears to show her lightsaber flittering between blue and red, the colours of the light side and the dark side respectively.

'The Last Jedi' poster mixing blue and red [Credit: Disney]
'The Last Jedi' poster mixing blue and red [Credit: Disney]

Finally, there have been murmurs of the ancient teachings within the Star Wars universe. In the novelization of The Force Awakens includes an excerpt from The Journal of the Whills, a journal referencing the Jedi that was originally conceived by George Lucas around A New Hope, but only made canon recently. I'll end this article by letting that passage speak for itself:

"The difference, they say,

Is only made right

By the resolving of gray

Through refined Jedi sight."

Do you think that The Last Jedi will depict Rey becoming a Gray Jedi?

(Source: Reddit)


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