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If there was one word to describe the Star Wars universe, it'd be mysterious. Admittedly, George Lucas tried his absolute best to fully explain every facet of said mystery in the prequels, replacing the metaphysical with the scientific, much like a magician eagerly pointing out exactly how he performed that card trick.

Regardless, there is still a rich, untapped flow of eternal knowledge that runs through the core of the fictional scifi universe. The Star Wars River Nile, if you like. At times, trickles of rogue water spill into the public consensus. The latest knowledge droplet to quell fans' thirst comes in the form of an update to the Star Wars riverbank, sorry, databank, that has added extra detail to one of the biggest mysteries from Jyn Erso's kyber crystal necklace.

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More Detail On Jyn Erso's 'Rogue One' Kyber Crystal Necklace

Now with its own special entry, the details of the crystal include a new image of the necklace, with added detail of a compelling inscription that is, in the context of , a hot spring of potential further knowledge. Check out the image below:

The inscription shown on the kyber necklace [Credit: Disney /]
The inscription shown on the kyber necklace [Credit: Disney /]

As pointed out by Uproxx, the inscription is written in Aurebesh, the universal Star Wars language, and when translated, states: "Trust in the." Star Wars folklore isn't so ambiguous that the word "the" takes on some mystical, ubiquitous meaning. Instead, this closely matches what Lyra Erso tells when handing her the necklace: "Trust in the Force." Presumably, the latter part of the crystal is roaming the galaxy somewhere like one of those gold plated love heart necklaces that were popular in the late '90s.

Lyra discovered the crystal through Galen Erso, who found a way to use them as a source of renewable energy, an ingenious discovery that led to his recruitment by Orson Krennic to work on the Death Star on behalf of the Empire. The databank explains:

As the Ersos fled Coruscant, a small fragment of kyber crystal from Galen’s research caught Lyra’s eye. Hoping it brought good luck, she took it to Lah’mu and made it into a pendant. As the Empire closed in, Lyra gave the pendant to Jyn, reminding her to trust in the Force. Jyn has kept it during her travels as a link to her lost family.

Who Added The Message To The Kyber Crystal?

The green, blue and purple lightsabers [Credit: Disney]
The green, blue and purple lightsabers [Credit: Disney]

But what happened before Lyra found the fragment? As with every droplet of Star Wars knowledge, something so seemingly innocuous can have a much wider reach. A brief background of kyber crystals is essential to understand the perplexing nature of the transcription. The crystals are living organisms that are highly Force-attuned, and share a collective consciousness. Found on a select number of planets in their raw, untampered form, they are modified and used to power every .

Here's where the plot thickens: The crystals are borderline indestructible, unaffected by extreme temperatures of extreme force (in the literal sense). So whoever inscribed "trust in the [Force]" would have to be someone of the utmost importance, with an incredible knowledge of the Force to impact the crystal in such a way.

But this is the point where the plot fully solidifies: In their untouched form, the crystals are the same gray color as in the necklace. Like a Force-attuned mood ring, once attuned to a Jedi, they change color to either blue or green or purple (looking at you, Samuel L. Jackson), and then retain their shade for the rest of their "lifetime." If a Sith Lord acquires a crystal, they turn red. So why is this crystal, inscribed by someone of great, unfathomable power, still unaffected by the change in hue?

Perhaps we'll never find out. This is an era that lives and dies with Rogue One, after all, and those events take place at a time when few believes in the power of the Force. Considering the composition of the crystals, though, the remains of Jyn's necklace could be out there, somewhere, waiting to be found, another trickle of H2O knowledge in the vast Star Wars river.

Who could've added the transcription to the kyber crystal on Jyn's necklace?



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