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Mark Newton

So, we all know now, the Star Wars prequels were bad. We get it. I mean, come on people, even The Revenge of the Sith was almost 10 years ago. Of course, some of us have gotten over it all and moved on, but it seems the pain still lingers for some hardcore Star Wars fans.

Take for example, Binary Bastard. He's a Youtube user with a love of Star Wars and a lot of time on his hands. He recently created a couple of videos explaining how the Star Wars prequels could have been saved. They're rather long videos so make sure you're sitting comfortably and have some unhealthy, E-number ridden snacks to hand.

His first video is 30 minutes long and explains how Star Wars Episode 2 could have been salvaged:


Next he explains how Episode 3 could have been saved with alterations to two particular scenes: the opera scene with Anakin and Palpatine, and Padme's death.


What do you think? Were the prequels really that bad? Have you forgiven George Lucas or does the pain still run deep? Let me know below.


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