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Mark Newton

I don't think its particularly controversial to say most people prefer the original Star Wars trilogy to the prequels, right? That statement hasn't made you angry, has it?

Well, there might be one area in which the prequels actually out-match the originals: Lightsaber battles. I mean, the duels of the original trilogy weren't exactly kinetic, were they?

For example the first duel we encounter between Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader was less of a battle and more of a conversation with lightsabers.

This is pretty surprisingly considering the last time they meet they were doing crazy shit like this:

And this:

But I suppose after such a long time, they did have a lot to talk about.

Sure, Luke Skywalker was a bit more mobile than an aged Obi Wan, but even his fatherly fights seemed to mostly consist of waving your arms around a bit:

I mean, it's a far cry of this stuff:

Even managed to break out some moves, and he's like 106 years old or something.

Of course, the biggest change of all came with Yoda. During the prequels he was able to pull of sweet moves like this:

While in the original trilogy he could barely stay upright.

I guess Jedis really don't age well.

But of course, none of these guys come close to the true lightsaber master:

Yep, that's still amusing after all this time.


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