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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is by all intents and purposes an experiment. A Star Wars movie without any Skywalkers has never been done before. It seems though, from early reviews, that Rogue One works. In fact I've seen people saying this is one of their favorite Star Wars movies of all time!

Rogue One seems to be proving the theory that stand alone Star Wars films will work. I'd like to propose another theory. I think Rogue One is proof, not just that Star Wars is an amazingly structured franchise, but that it might be the perfect franchise. Let's talk about Rogue One and how it proves that Star Wars is in fact, a perfect franchise.

The Origin Of 'Rogue One'

One of my favorite aspects of Rogue One is that it came from a fan and a Lucasfilm employee. John Knoll has been working with Lucasfilm doing special effects for years. He wanted to see the story of the Rebels who stole the plans for the Death Star for quite some time.

In fact, he told people about his idea all the time. This lead to a meeting with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, and the rest is history. The fact that Rogue One is being made at all, proves not only that Lucasfilm listens to fans and employees, but that they understand that Star Wars is for everyone.

For more on John Knoll, check out this in-depth piece on Wired.

There Are Endless Possibilities For Star Wars Stories

One of the best parts of Star Wars is that it's not just Skywalkers running around out there. The Star Wars universe is vast and ever expanding. Having no limit to its storytelling possibilities means there are infinite Star Wars stories to be imagined. We're getting a war story later this week with Rogue One. The Han Solo stand alone movie is sure to revolve around some kind of heist or race. Rogue One is our first major proof that just about any type of story can fit into Star Wars.

TV Comes To Life

Let's talk about Marvel for a second. As much as I love Marvel, the way that they've done TV so far has been underwhelming. Their lack of TV characters crossing over into the films makes the united universe seem broken and disjointed.

The relationship between Lucasfilm TV and Film is genius. Lucasfilm seems to have solved that problem without even trying. Using 3D animation, Lucasfilm has made two amazing shows that are cheaper than live action and don't require network sized audiences.

But even more impressive is the freedom these shows give filmmakers. They can use these established characters without having to worry about TV filming schedules. Rogue One features Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera, as well as Star Wars: Rebels' freighter The Ghost. The Star Wars universe is truly all connected.

Literary Tie-Ins

Rogue One has unlocked droves of new Star Wars stories to be told. By adding more and more characters and locations to the Star Wars galaxy, Lucasfilm has tons of potential when it comes to spin off stories. One such story, Rogue One prequel Star Wars: Catalyst, proves that unlike other franchises, Star Wars can contain all of its stories in one coherent universe, and all of those stories, whether in film or print form, can be really good.

Yes, Star Wars is growing and blossoming before our very eyes. The structure, not only of the stories themselves, but of the people who tell the stories and the way they tell them, is a testament to the immense franchise power of Star Wars. Kathy Kennedy and her team have taken what George Lucas started, and created something so much bigger. The structure, imagination, and possibilities of Star Wars, shown in it's latest creation Rogue One, prove that it is without a doubt, the perfect franchise.

What's your favorite aspect of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Let us know in the comments below!


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