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Stranger Things is the '80s Netflix sci-fi show that took over people's lives this summer. There's no doubt that it's one of the most popular TV shows of the year, if not the most popular TV show of the year. As with any popular TV show or movie, fan art usually follows, and fans can't usually help but mash up their new favorite show with other beloved shows, movies and games. Let's take a look at some awesome fan art of Stranger Things!

1. Eleven in Pixel Form!

Photo Credit: Matheus Bitencourt
Photo Credit: Matheus Bitencourt

First up on the list is this beautiful art showing Eleven in pixel form. To make it even better, the GIF shows the upside-down from the show too. Check out the rest of Matheus Bitencourt's art here!

2. Say Anything, Jonathan Byers

Photo Credit: 'Randy Was Here'
Photo Credit: 'Randy Was Here'

Say Anything is one of the most iconic movies of the '80s, and here we see Stranger Things's Jonathan taking on John Cusack's character, Lloyd Dobler! The artist, Randy Was Here, specialises in '80s themed art, and they're definitely worth checking out!

3. Comic Book Style

Photo Credit: Dan Hipp
Photo Credit: Dan Hipp

One thing I'd love to see down the line with Stranger Things is a possible comic-book line. Here, we get to see what it would look like if Finn, Eleven and the rest of the gang were in a comic book! For more fan-art just like this one, check out Dan Hipp's blogspot!

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4. The Gorillaz Style!

Photo Credit: J.P Perez
Photo Credit: J.P Perez

Next up is the exceptionally cool mashup of Stranger Things and Gorillaz album cover, Demon Days. This is one of many brilliant pieces by J.P Perez!

5. Peanuts Cross-Over!

Photo Credit: Brian Richard
Photo Credit: Brian Richard

This next piece by Brian Richard is a really cool imagining of the gang as characters from Peanuts. I don't know about you, but Dustin is by far my favorite one here!

6. Clefairy and Barb!

Pokemon is one of those franchises that gets crossed with absolutely everything. Clefairy is the Pokemon Matt Doering chose to pair with fan-favorite Stranger Things character, Barb. For more art like this, check out mattdoeringdoodleblog on Tumblr!

Check out how Stranger Things's VFX team made that fateful Barb scene in the video below:

7. The Simpsons!

Just like Pokemon, The Simpsons is another franchise which gets a lot of crossovers - here we see Eleven as if she were a resident of Springfield. For more Simpsons mashup fanart, check out here!

8. Pokemon!

Pokemon has made a second entry on our list, and this time, Eleven is eating her infamous Eggos with none other than Abra.

9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I think this piece of fan art is my favorite in the whole list, simply because Star Wars was so iconic during the '80s, and Stranger Things has the perfect elements to fit into a classic Star Wars poster. You can get this awesome art printed on a tee here!

10. Various

This is another really cool piece of fan art, where we see what Eleven would look like if she was drawn by various different animation studios. I may be totally biased here, but my favorite by far is the Disney one. Let me know in the comments which style is your favorite!

11. Mad Max

Photo Credit: LOVER186 (Pinterest)
Photo Credit: LOVER186 (Pinterest)

This is one of the nicest pieces of fan art on our list, simply because the story behind it. When she was cast as Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown was told by the Duffer Brothers: "I want you to have the mind-frame of Charlize Theron in Mad Max". Millie Bobby Brown has told her story on how Charlize Theron gave her the motivation to shave her head for the role in Stranger Things, Brown stated:

"It was the best decision I’ve ever, ever made."

That's the end of our list guys, it was no coincidence that there were eleven pieces of art on this list, but I'm sure you spotted that already.


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