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If you're a massive of fan of Star Wars, then things just keep getting better and better. Not only do you have three live action movies coming your way, but we've also just heard animated TV series Star Wars Rebels will also get an opening movie.

The news was revealed in a recent shareholders letter devised by Disney and Lucasfilm. It states they plan on releasing a Star Wars Rebels television movie this summer, prior to the full series arriving in the fall. The letter explained:

After months of public speculation and anticipation, we announced the official release date for the next feature film, Star Wars: Episode VII, will be December 18, 2015. So far we’ve kept the details to ourselves, but we’re thrilled with the story and committed to making an incredible movie, and we should be releasing more information as production moves forward in the coming year.

As with Marvel, the rich universe of Star Wars has tremendous creative potential for the entire company. While the world eagerly awaits Episode VII to open in theaters, we’re introducing Star Wars Rebels to television audiences this summer with a movie and a series of shorts on Disney Channel, followed by a continuing series on Disney XD. Our success in building a robust pipeline of original Star Wars content for various platforms will be an integral part of our long-term strategy to leverage the franchise across a variety of our businesses, from theme parks to consumer products.

This follows the process Lucasfilms carried out in the run-up to the premiere of The Clone Wars television show. Before it hit the air, they also released a feature length animated film in theaters. Although the film made a healthy profit (its production budget was only $8 million) it was almost universally panned by critics, with Entertainment Weekly citing it as the worst movie of 2008.

It seems to avoid this embarrassment again, Disney have opted for the slightly more clandestine television movie route, although there is a possibility it could also arrive in theaters. Whatever happens, it proves Disney and Lucasfilm wants to give Star Wars Rebels as much supporting fire as possible before it hits Disney XD later this year.

What do you think? Are you glad to be getting even more Star Wars, or are you starting to feel a little bit over-saturated? Let us know below.

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