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And judging by the opinion of a few fans, that may be some long overdue good news. If you're a fan of Yoda and his Bad Lip Reading, then there's a good chance you're going to LOVE this!

A while back, YouTube user GratefulDeadpool took Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and turned it into the even more epic Star Wars: The Third Gathers – Backstroke of the West, simply by taking a copy of the movie with Chinese subtitles (that were probably already mistranslated), and re-translating them back from Mandarin to English. What we get is a version of the movie that takes 's infamous “Nooooo!” and Obi-Wan's “You were the chosen one!” and gives us...well, it gives us this.

“Do not want!”

And this-

“You drive the person who pick out!”

The entire movie is filled with mistranslations that will make you cringe, laugh, or both at the same time. I mean, “They're all over me!” from the Battle of Coruscant actually becomes “He is in my behind!”

Thanks to already netting $800 million in theaters, this funny redub of the entire movie has been getting quite a bit of attention, which also means it may get kicked off of YouTube any day now by the copyright police. But while the fun lasts, here's a (slightly NSFW) highlight version of it:

You'll find the full feature length version (also slightly NSFW) here.

As would say, end this story, I must now.

As for the redubbed Yoda?

Finish this tail, I smell immediately.

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