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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming to theaters in about two and a half months and fans cannot wait to see whether or not the concept of a Star Wars spin-off movie actually works. Personally, I am very excited for this movie just by the fact that this movie is about a group of Rebels stealing the Death Star plans, which I think is an awesome concept for a movie. Also, the movie will expand the genre as it will be a sci-fi war movie — and Darth Vader is showing up!

On top of the awesome premise, Lucasfilm has done an excellent job promoting this movie and keeping secrets. However, this does not mean that we cannot gather hints from other sources of media. One very good place of merchandise to look at when trying to find out more juicy information is the books that Star Wars is putting out. For Rogue One, Lucasfilm is releasing an original novel called Catalyst that will lead up to the movie and a novelization of the movie. Catalyst will for sure reveal a ton of secret information about the characters and the plot around Rogue One. Star Wars movie novelizations have a long history of revealing secrets, details, and backstories not present in the movies.

Given this, I have put a list together of all the secrets, fan theories or backstories we most want to see revealed in the novelization that probably won't be in the movie or will give context to what's to come in the movie. There is a lot of information we could take from these novels, but keep in mind this isn't official but full-on speculation.

13. The Relationship Between Krennic And Galen Erso

Star Wars: Catalyst is where most of these secrets and new information will come from. The newest upcoming novel in the Star Wars universe will show the history between the Ersos — specifically Galen — and Orson Krennic. Galen is a very famous scientist who has conducted a lot of energy-based research — and that is exactly what Krennic and the Empire is looking for to build the massive Death Star. While Galen and his wife, Lyra, believe that his energy research will be used purely in charitable ways when recruited by Krennic after he "saved" their family from Separatist kidnappers, Krennic has other secret plans.

This is what the novel is going to be all about. This story will give us context to what will be happening in Rogue One. Obviously, the movie will not be able to fit all this backstory in one two hour film and that is why Lucasfilm releases these novels and comics — to give the audience a better view of the bigger picture.

Likelihood: 100%, as this is the plot of the book

12. The History Of The Erso Family

George Lucas has always described the Star Wars movies as stories about families. With Rogue One, the movie is all about the Ersos as we will be meeting Jyn Erso along with her father and mother. Jyn's father, Galen, is a galaxy-famous scientist who is very successful. His wife, Lyra, is a character we do not have much information on. Luckily, there is a novel coming out in about a month that will introduce us to the Erso family.

The book can mention many unknown facts that will not be referred to in the feature film such as where they are from. We aren't exactly sure what planet the family lived before Galen and Lyra got captured by the Separatists and being separated from Jyn. Also, is the family related to other characters we have met in the Star Wars universe and even more intriguing, is anyone in their family Force-sensitive? A lot of these questions should most likely be answered in Star Wars: Catalyst.

Likelihood: 95% as Galen and his family are the main focus of the story.

11. Where Is Galen Erso During Rogue One?

While Galen Erso's appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been confirmed, we do not know where he will be. In the movie, the Rebels will stumble upon his message about a super-weapon test and they will send his daughter, Jyn to find and convince him to help steal the plans. The question is — where is he? This is something that the book could answer for us.

The novel could possibly lead right up to the beginning of the events in the movie. If that is the case and Galen is the main character of the novel, we will most likely end up knowing his whereabouts by the end of the story. Whether he will be held hostage by Krennic and the Empire or he's working for the Empire on the Death Star is something we will find out after reading the novel.

Likelihood: 90% as the book leads up to Rogue One and Galen is the main character of the book.

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10. More Information On The Big Villains

While we know we will be diving deep into the origins of Director Krennic in Star Wars: Catalyst, what about all of the other villains? Darth Vader will almost definitely be showing up in the novel as he plays a huge role in Rogue One and in the overall Star Wars storyline. While we know so much about Darth Vader, there are still so many secrets and unknown things to be found out about the Jedi master turned Sith Lord.

On the other hand, Palpatine could play an even bigger role than Vader in Catalyst as he is the person in charge of the top secret Death Star plans. Krennic will be reporting to him throughout the novel about his every move from convincing Galen Erso to help build the Death Star to many other unknown plans. The Emperor is a very mysterious figure in the Star Wars universe — especially in this time period.

There are other familiar antagonistic figures that readers could find more about in this highly anticipated novel besides Darth Vader and the Emperor. For instance, Grand Admiral Thrawn is a very popular character that is just being introduced into Star Wars canon this season on Star Wars: Rebels. While we don't know his fate, there is a good chance we could see Thrawn and find out his plans moving forward. Another character that could appear in the novel is Darth Maul, who also is on this season of Star Wars: Rebels. Maybe Maul could have to do something with the kidnapping of the Ersos?

Likelihood: 70% as Palpatine will have a big part of the novel and Vader will also be involved. However, Thrawn and Maul are very unlikely as they will most likely be mentioned but not have to do with the overall story.

9. More Backstory For Saw Gerrera

Saw Gerrera could be the first of many characters introduced in the animated TV show to be translated onto the big screen. Gerrera was a significant character in many episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and we will see a much older version of him in Rogue One. Saw Gerrera was a resistance fighter during the Clone Wars who fought against the Separatists on his home planet of Onderon. He was victorious in liberating his home, which gained attention of the Rebel Alliance later on. We really don't have that many details on what happened in between then and the beginning of where Rogue One begins.

As for the Star Wars: Catalyst storyline, there is a possibility that Gerrera could show up. The movies are looking to make him a bigger character and what better way to do that than to expand his storyline into Catalyst and touch on what he went through between The Clone Wars and Rogue One? One theory of mine is that the Ersos actually lived on Onderon and he was there when they were captured by the Separatists and tried to save them but did not succeed.

Not only would this be an excellent way to weave him into this novel but it would set up a conflict between he and Jyn as they lived on the same planet and he was there when her parents got captured. He could have even been keeping an eye on her and he could have told Mon Mothma to bring her in despite their low standards towards her due to her "excessive" behavior.

Likelihood: 25% as this is merely a theory. However, Saw Gerrera being mentioned is plausible enough.

8. More Details On the Execution Of Order 66

This one may be a long shot but the novel will begin in the prequel era. In the description of the book, the two sides are referred to as the "Republic" and the "Separatists" and more importantly to this topic, Palpatine is referred to as "Chancellor Palpatine." This would mean that the story starts off before the execution of Order 66 — when Palpatine ordered the Clones to turn against the Jedi.

Thanks to Clone Wars, we know about the back-up plan Palpatine installed when ordering the Clones from the Kaminoans, how Order 66 was almost prematurely exposed, and the execution itself as seen in Revenge of the Sith. However, there are still some secrets to be exposed. Maybe we could see the execution from the perspective of Krennic. We could see him meet with Palpatine when he executes the order and they could discuss further plans. We have seen the Jedi be slaughtered, but we have not seen the effect it had on politics as thousands of Jedi being killed instantaneously is a pretty big deal.

Likelihood: 20% because even though this was a big event of the prequel era, the exact timeline of Catalyst has not een confirmed.

7. The Backstory Of Chirrut Îmwe And Baze Malbus

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Since Star Wars: Catalyst is a prequel novel to Rogue One, it makes sense that the novel would show us the backstories of the Rebel crew we are set to meet. One of the more mysterious characters Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting to meet is Chirrut Îmwe and his friend and protector, Baze Malbus. Chirrut, played by Donnie Yen, is the a blind spiritual warrior-monk who is very interested in the ways of the Force. However, unlike many fans speculated, he is not actually sensitive to it.

Similar to Daredevil from Marvel Comics, he has used the principles of the Force to use his blindness to his advantage and became a very skilled warrior. His partner, Baze Malbus, was a freelance assassin and has little to no belief in the Force and spirituality. After the events of Rogue One, maybe things will change for him as believing in the Force will probably be his main character arc.

There are many ways to tie these two characters into the novel. We could see a part of the story take place on the moon of Jedha — where Chirrut and Baze lived a harsh life under Imperial control and after dealing with the cruelty of the Empire for so long, it could lead to these two men joining the team of Rebels to fight against the Empire.

Likelihood factor: 50% because even though this is a prequel to the movie, it's not clear whether or not they will tie into the story, but it wouldn't be out of place.

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6. Find Out More About Cassian Andor And Bodhi Rook

Cassian Andor
Cassian Andor

Two other members of the team we could possibly find more information about in the novel is Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook. Cassian is an intelligent leader and officer during the war against the Empire and was assigned as captain in a mission to steal the Death Star plans while also keeping an eye on the mischievous Jyn Erso — which happens in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In Star Wars: Catalyst, we could see Cassian rising up the ranks in the Rebel alliance and possibly lead a mission or two in the novel towards the end where the timeline gets closer to the start of the upcoming movie.

Bodhi Rook
Bodhi Rook

On the other hand, Bodhi Rook is a very interesting character that could possibly have a role in the upcoming prequel novel. Bodhi is a former Imperial pilot who brings his technical skills to the Rebel Alliance. He is very anxious and tends to be tense and hot-headed. The experienced pilot will play an important role in the attempt to steal the Death Star plans.

In Catalyst, we could see Bodhi as an Imperial Pilot and read about his fallout with the Empire and being recruited by the Rebels. Will his story be similar to Finn's from Star Wars: The Force Awakens or will events play out in a different way? Maybe Star Wars: Catalyst will have the answer to this question!

Likeliness factor: 55% for similar reasons as Chirrut and Baze but seeing Bodhi may be a bit more likely.

5. What Set Jyn Erso On A Criminal Path?

We have collected a lot of pieces to the puzzle of Jyn Erso, but there are still some pieces missing. Of course, a lot of questions will be answered in the actual movie but some things will not be revealed on screen but in novel form. We know that Jyn was separated from her parents, Galen and Lyra, at the age of 15 years old. We were told that was what led her on the path of criminal acts such as "the forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest." Eventually, she is given another chance by the Rebellion and we will see in Rogue One whether she will redeem herself or not.

However, there's an opportunity for some questions to be answered in Star Wars: Catalyst. We could follow what happened to Jyn after her parents were separated from her. For instance, who did she stay with? Where did she live? Perhaps her backstory is very similar to Ezra's from Star Wars: Rebels — a young child's parents are captured by the Empire and the kid is forced to live alone on an Imperial-occupied planet and has to smuggle in order to survive. One day, this child is introduced to a group of Rebels and eventually becomes a vital member of the Rebellion.

Likeliness: 70% as the Erso's are a vital part of the novel and Jyn is the main character of Rogue One. However, we are not 100% sure whether or not we will see Jyn again after her parents are captured.

4. The Backstory Of Krennic

Orson Krennic will be the main antagonist in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars fans are very eager to find out more about this character. Krennic is in charge of keeping the construction of the Death Star moving and has sought to earn the trust of Emperor Palpatine by demonstrating his smarts, manipulative, and unpredictable tactics.

Star Wars: Catalyst will have Krennic as a main character along with Galen Erso. While we learn more about their relationship as discussed above, there are other things to learn about Director Krennic. One thing that the novel could focus on is his relationship with Palpatine and how he rose up the ranks and what he had to do to be promoted. Also, we know that Orson and Galen were old friends. Given that, how did Krennic turn to the Empire and what actions did he take to get the attention of Palpatine? Hopefully there is some juicy secrets waiting to be revealed as Krennic has the potential to be a great and iconic villain.

Likeliness: 95% as the novel revolves around Krennic, but what secrets will be revealed is unknown.

3. Could We Hear About Supreme Leader Snoke?

Supreme Leader Snoke may be the most mysterious character introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and as a result, many fans have created theories on who he may be. We have been given very little information about the character besides the fact that he is currently the head of the First Order and has seen the rise and eventual fall of the Empire. Therefore, Snoke must have been around for a very long time.

In Star Wars: Catalyst, we could find out some more secret information about Supreme Leader Snoke. The mysterious figure has been around for a long time and if we are seeing Krennic touching base with Palpatine, perhaps we could read some hints about Snoke's whereabouts. I'm not saying that we will straight up see Snoke in the story but we could hear someone mention him.

For example, Krennic could be speaking to Palpatine when he mentions someone "higher in power" than himself that looks observes the Empire. We may have to do some digging, but there's a decent chance that a Snoke hint gets dropped in the novel somewhere!

Likelihood: 30%, and if it happens, it'd be a very broad reference.

2. Hear More About The Star Wars: Rebels Crew

Since Star Wars: Rebels shows the growth of the Rebel Alliance, it would only make sense that a lot from the show translates over to the big screen as they will both tie together. In the future, we will definitely see characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the TV show such as Cassian Andor, but will we see the Rebel characters featured above in the feature film? This question has been heavily debated upon on the Internet, but will they turn up in Star Wars: Catalyst?

Of course, it would be a lot easier to include some familiar characters from Star Wars: Rebels in a novel than in a live-action movie. Where they would be introduced and which character(s) would show up is another question. One way we could see these characters show up is towards the end of the book where the Rebellion is being built up and we could read about some of their adventures. However, most of the book will take place before the end of the Clone Wars. Given that, seeing the Rebels crew would be unlikely unless the book leads up to the events of Rogue One.

Likelihood: 25% as the book takes place before Star Wars: Rebels but if it goes beyond that, our favorite Rebel crew could land a mention/cameo.

1. More Details About The Death Star Plans

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story revolves around a group of Rebels who are risking their lives to obtain a set of plans. Obviously, we know that the Death Star is a powerful weapon and that these plans contain vital information about the Death Star and how to build it — but what exactly is on there? Clearly, there is more than a holographic image like pictured above. Hopefully in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we will learn how much information was stored on the device and exactly what it was.

On the other hand, Star Wars: Catalyst will have the opportunity to dive deeper into what is on this top secret device. Beyond the building instructions of the Death Star, there could be vital information such as how to run the Death Star and more importantly to the Rebels, they will find out how to destroy it. But what if there's even more Imperial information in the plans? What if the plans reveal the Empire's grand scheme and total goal of annihilation and how they will get there. If we do see this, it will be very intriguing to see how close their plan played out.

Liklieness factor: 70% as the movie and its prequel novel both revolve around these plans.


What are you guys most looking forward to discovering in "Star Wars: Catalyst"?

What do you guys think? Which of these secrets will be revealed? Which won't? Tell me below!


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