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(Spoiler alert for 'Rogue One'!)

Since Rogue One premiered, fans have been voicing their opinions on every aspect of the film possible. From standout character portrayals like K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) to the excellent plot and story developed for Rogue One, all of these aspects have become popular discussion topics amongst fans. Keeping in mind that the premiere of Rogue One was only a week ago and everything there is to say about the film has been said by someone already, there are still a few things left to talk about.

'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]
'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]

Now, you may be asking yourself what else could be said that hasn't already been said? Well, interestingly enough, one of the writers on Rogue One had something to say and his comments could have massive implications on the Star Wars universe.

Writer, Gary Whitta Comments On Potential 'Rogue One' Spinoff Stories

In a report from the Hollywood Reporter, writer, Gary Whitta spoke of his eager intent to work on more prequel stories; any of which could range from prequel stories based around Cassian (Diego Luna), Chirrut (Donnie Yen) or Baze (Jiang Wen). Whitta's co-writer on Rogue One, John Knoll hasn't made any comments towards a Rogue One spinoff but Gary Whitta seems to have great interest in more Rogue One stories.

Whitta even said he'd "swim through a lake of Mustafan lava" to be involved with the prequel stories, so that presents a good degree of interest from Whitta to participate in any other prequel films conceived. Then we also have to consider the positive reception from fans of Rogue One as evidence toward more prequel stories being developed.

Rogue One has become a breakout success story for the newly invigorated Star Wars franchise and with such a high level of success following the film comes a very distinct possibility that and are looking to develop more Star Wars spinoffs, with writers like Gary Whitta working on them. We do have to take note of the Han Solo spinoff in pre-production but it'll be unrelated to Rogue One, as far as we know.

'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]
'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]

As for more spinoffs related to Rogue One, Whitta's comments on (a)nother Rogue One spinoff may be premature to consider but the prospect of Rogue One spinoffs are becoming much more plausible as time passes.

Why A 'Rogue One' Spinoff Story Should Follow Cassian Andor

The success of Rogue One is already quite apparent so when Disney and Lucasfilms take account of that fact as well, the studios will likely decide that Rogue One constitutes a follow up, which would also call upon Gary Whitta to return for more Star Wars prequel stories. In that scenario, a Rogue One spinoff would likely follow Cassian's exploits as a black ops agent for the Rebel Alliance.

Cassian (Diego Luna), Rogue One.
Cassian (Diego Luna), Rogue One.

There are a few definitive reasons why a Rogue One spinoff would follow Cassian:

For one, Cassian himself spoke of the missions he went on before the events of Rogue One so there's already an established hint towards future exploration of Cassian's adventures pre-Rogue One. Secondly, fan suggestions seem to indicate that a spinoff following Cassian and his droid companion, K-2SO are what fans want to see. And most importantly, Gary Whitta has stated his interest in writing a story of Cassian's adventures.

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It's still too early to tell if more Star Wars spinoffs will be spun off from Rogue One but considering the positive reception from Star Wars fans everywhere, Lucasfilms and Disney would be foolish to not take advantage of fan outcry for more Rogue One-esque stories. However, we do have to account for the current Star Wars films in development as having priority before any new films can be conceived.

When Could Another 'Rogue One' Spinoff Believably Be Conceived?

As it sits, a Han Solo spinoff is currently in development, along with Episode VIII and Episode IX on their way to pre-production which means the standalone film will likely debut between Episode VIII and Episode IX.

Star Wars timeline
Star Wars timeline

After Episode IX airs, then any newly conceived spinoffs could make their way into production. That is unless, the recently rumored Obi-Wan spinoff actually receives a green-light for production but there's no validity to those rumors, yet. With that in mind, the most plausible Rogue One spinoff would likely follow the exploits of Cassian, and his droid companion, K-2SO before the events of Rogue One.

What do you think? Would you be interested in watching another Star Wars spinoff that follows Cassian (Diego Luna) and K-2SO (Alan Tudyk)? Or would you rather see a Obi-Wan spinoff story developed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

'Rogue One' [Credit: EW/Disney]
'Rogue One' [Credit: EW/Disney]

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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