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In the two year gap between Star Wars Episodes VII & VIII, we're all eager to catch a glimpse of the next installment in the Skywalker saga. Last month, Vanity Fair unveiled their exclusive behind-the-scenes cover shoot for The Last Jedi, revealing new aliens, fabulous new locations, and Rey training with Luke Skywalker. Although we don't have another trailer yet, we've finally got another look at the making of The Last Jedi, with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's behind-the-scenes snaps... of Vanity Fair's behind-the-scenes shoot.

Granted, this isn't much, but there are still plenty of details for hardcore fans to pick over. The first image gives us a closer look at the new aliens on the planet of Canto Bight, which director Rian Johnson describes as the ultra-glamorous "playground for rich assholes."

We can see that the strict monochrome costumes apply to all the attendees of this Canto Bight soiree, possibly to offset their richly colored surroundings. There are also some interesting prosthetics on some of the people, as two of the women have small prosthetic ridges on their faces — not enough to really stand out, but enough to make them look unnervingly alien.

Next, we're off to Ahch-To to reunite with Rey and Luke, and they're looking particularly safe and sound in this photo:

When we saw Rey training on Ahch-To in the trailer, the cliffs were ominously bare and just waiting for someone to plummet to their death. It's good to know that behind-the-scenes, Health & Safety was on hand to prevent this fate befalling Star Wars' precious actors.

And this next one, well, it speaks for itself really:

I have no idea what possessed photographer Annie Leibovitz to put Adam Driver in this ridiculous pose, as he holds the saber aloft while... dancing? Dodging blaster fire? Leaping to try and escape his patricidal guilt? Whatever the circumstance, I can only thank Leibovitz for this ludicrous image — and Kathleen Kennedy for giving us another angle on Kylo Ren's perpetual battle with the combined forces of gravity and grace.

Finally, here's an image that will hit you right in the feels — it's Mark Hamill cuddling up to the late, great Carrie Fisher:

Hamill looks appropriately posed as Luke, while Fisher is recreating one of their earliest Star Wars promo pics with her hand on her fictional brother's chest. And of course, an appearance from Carrie Fisher would be incomplete without her support dog Gary Fisher — and there he is, out of focus and waiting patiently for his mistress.

I told you this pic would give you all the feels.

Tell us in the comments: What part of The Last Jedi production would you like to get a behind-the-scenes look at next?

(Source: Kathleen Kennedy via Vanity Fair)


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