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With the release of the latest instalment to the Star Wars saga growing ever closer, everyone's excitement levels are reaching a fever pitch. What will we learn about the future of the Jedi? Where has Luke Skywalker been all these years and what has he been up to? How will Kylo Ren behave in this film after the events of Episode 7? Now, thanks to the recent release of Entertainment Weekly, which featured an in depth look into the new film, we have more of an idea as to what we can expect come December.

A new robot has reportedly been leaked, which strongly resembles the lovable BB-8 unit that won our hearts in the previous film. The Star Wars robots have always had a way of winning the love and support of the audience. Whether it be R2-D2 and CP30 or BB-8, people seem to warm to the personality presented by what is, let's be honest here, a big bucket of bolts. The PCO Group, who are part of the team that create the concession stand snacks at movie theaters, recently released an image containing the collectible figures that will be accompanying their range of snacks when the new film is released. Eagle eyed fans were quick to notice the inclusion of a new robot, called BB-9.

PCO Group have also included the figures for an Executioner Stormtrooper and a Red Guard Imperial unit. The Red Guard is believed to be associated with Emperor Snoke, rather like the Emperor in the Return Of The Jedi film. It has been rumored that the BB-9 unit could potentially be an Imperial version of the Resistance BB-8 unit. The rumors first circulated when Lego released their Episode 8 Lego set earlier this year. There is no confirmation yet as to if BB-9 will indeed be an Imperial unit, but going off image alone it certainly looks a lot darker than the BB-8.

The Executioner Stormtrooper has been grabbing people's attention as well. There seems to be a continual effort in the recent films to present the Stormtroopers as more of a formidable opponent. The jet black Death Troopers certainly seemed a formidable opponent as well as the Riot Control Troopers and the Flame Troopers who came with the rise of the Imperial New Order. The Executioner may be one singular character or a series of specialized troopers, but they strongly resemble the IG-100 MagnaGuard's who supported General Grevious in Episode 3.

We are drawing ever closer to December which means we will keep on seeing these small snippets of the new film. We are discovering new characters, costumes and potential storylines with each new product that is being released.

Do you think BB-9 will be fighting for the dark side?


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