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As we ramp up to the release of The Last Jedi, you'd better have your spoiler-canceling helmet on because oh boy, are they coming right at us. We're deep into the latest Star Wars Force Friday, as Lucasfilm unleash a ton of merchandise for The Last Jedi. Thankfully, most of the merch is spoiler-free, but despite Rian Johnson's claims that there would be no major spoilers, the trading card company Topps seems to have revealed the exact succession of events in the new movie.

This information was posted on Topps's website, alongside descriptions of other sets of trading cards. There is one set per movie and, just like a soundtrack title list, the cards seem to highlight important events from the films — the titles for The Force Awakens act like a breakdown of the plot. And 's set is very illuminating. Needless to say, major spoilers may follow.

So join us in spoiler hell as we dissect exactly what each of these titles may mean.

91 Rey’s Solitude

92 General Leia Organa

93 Rey and her Lightsaber

The titles begin with "Rey's solitude", a probable reference to Rey's encounter with Luke Skywalker, as he doesn't react as positively to her arrival as she had hoped. Then it seems we catch up with "General Leia Organa", whom we know will have a bigger role in The Last Jedi than she did in The Force Awakens. Then the movie cuts back to Rey, presumably training with Luke thanks to the reference to her "lightsaber".

94 On Crait

95 Rushing to Attack

96 Finn’s Recovery

97 Poe Responds

After cutting back to the new Resistance HQ "Crait", we then seem to cut to the First Order — who have discovered Crait and are planning an attack. Meanwhile, Finn comes out of his Bacta tank all recovered, and Poe responds to... something. Hopefully Finn's recovery, but more likely an important development with the First Order.

Maybe Poe's reacting to his X-Wing blowing up... again. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Maybe Poe's reacting to his X-Wing blowing up... again. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

98 The Fury of Kylo Ren

99 Shards of the Past

100 Luke’s Grim Perspective

This section is very interesting, and could confirm rumors that Kylo Ren will ambush Rey and Luke on Ahch-To. However, there are also rumors that this is just a vision intended to teach Rey — much like Luke's vision of Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back — and "shards of the past" could confirm this, or nod towards another flashback sequence.

However, other merch has pinpointed Kylo Ren as leading the attack on Crait, so that's what this "fury" card could be referring to. Either way, we soon cut back to Rey reminiscing (in "shards of the past") — and then Luke gets all gloomy with his "grim perspective." It seems likely that this is when he says the now infamous "it's time for the Jedi to end" line.

101 Ski Speeder Assault

102 Walkers Incoming

103 The Resistance

Back on Crait, the Resistance base comes under attack from the First Order. We already caught a glimpse of this in the trailer, as strange new "ski speeders" raced across the salt plains toward new AT-M6 walkers that are advancing on the base.

The "ski speeders" race across Crait. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The "ski speeders" race across Crait. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

And now it seems there's a massive chunk of the plot missing. We know that Finn gets a new mission that takes him to Canto Bight, a new companion in the form of Resistance engineer Rose, and a new ally in the mysterious "slicer" DJ. This leads Finn and Rose to don disguises and go undercover in the First Order, as we saw in the sizzle reel. However, none of this is referred to in the Topps titles — so at least this part of the movie remains unspoiled.

104 The Resistance X-wing

105 The Resistance A-wing

Yeah, these are probably just cards depicting X-Wings and A-Wings. Moving on.

106 The Battle Commences

107 Frigates Under Fire

108 The Resistance Vs. The First Order

109 The Millennium Falcon Flees

110 Heroes United

And now we come to the grand finale, as the First Order and the Resistance have their first full-blown space battle. Again, we caught a glimpse of this in the trailer, and we already knew the Resistance would be using "frigates".

The Resistance vs the First Order indeed. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Resistance vs the First Order indeed. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

However, the "under fire" comment, as well as the title "the Millennium Falcon flees" implies that the battle does not go well for the Resistance, and that The Last Jedi may end on a victory for the First Order.

"Heroes united" is perhaps the most intriguing title of all. Does this mean that Rey and Luke rush in at the last minute to save the day? Or do the Resistance fighters reunite after fleeing, leading to a reunion between Finn and Rey — and (as many of us hope), between Luke and Leia? We can only speculate.

Since the list was released, Topps have defended their merchandise on Twitter.

But personally, I disagree. Trailers deliberately jumble up the events of the movie to obscure the order in which events occur, thus preserving the mystery. Sure, there are no huge spoilers in the trading card titles, but knowing the progression of events does somewhat take away from the thrill of watching the movie — so in my mind it's safe to label these cards as a big ol' spoiler, whatever Topps say. And now I'm going to spend the next few months trying to forget what I just read.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think these trading cards spoil The Last Jedi?

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