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There is now just one more reason to keep your eye on the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, because fans of 's franchise are promised their first look at . If you are fed up with trawling the galaxy, only to get a glimmer of a lightsaber or a flash of Luke Skywalker's robotic hand, fear not. Rumors are that the first teaser for 's Star Wars: Episode VIII won't be a teaser at all.

Coming To A Galaxy Near You

According to Star Wars News Net, there will be a hefty chunk of footage rather than just a wookiee growl and a cut to black — however, we should probably still expect the iconic music of John Williams to play over the titles. It certainly sounds different to the J.J. Abrams approach to Star Wars, which drip fed us information slowly and tortuously.

Sources for the site say that it will have a “full trailer feel” and won't be “just a brief teaser.” You may remember that the first look at Episode VII was effectively just a roll call of characters in the film, leaving us Force choking in anticipation ahead of the film's release. Although The Last Jedi is out in December, Lucasfilm has (so far) succeeded in keeping the plot of the film harder to obtain than the plans to a Death Star.

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Teasing Us A Little Longer

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' [Credit: Disney]
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' [Credit: Disney]

There is no official length to the teaser, but with full trailer credentials, expect a good few minutes of stuff to feast your eyes upon. With 's spared until the final scene of The Force Awakens, it wouldn't be hard to imagine him being the focus of the teaser. Could we see our one-armed Jedi putting on his Yoda mentor skills and teaching Rey the ways of the Force? The trailer will also presumably hone in the "last" element of The Last Jedi and lead fans to speculate who (or what) that could mean.

Elsewhere, will the teaser feature the late, great, ? Although her death closed 2016 on a tragic note, Fisher had at least filmed her part for Episode VIII. Let's not get too excited though, as it's only a first look at the film, don't expect to be learning the Supreme Leader Snoke family tree or what Captain Phasma looks like under her helmet. There isn't long to wait until the Star Wars Celebration, so prepare to jump into hyperspace, you Rebel scum!

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