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With just six months until the hotly anticipated release of the eighth film, Lucasfilm has an exclusive treat for fans of Rey and Ren on the British Isles. Forget men-only screenings before anyone else, it sounds like if you want an exclusive viewing of 's before its release Stateside, you'll have to head on over the UK.

At Long Last (Jedi)

While fans were promised a December 15 release date in the UK and the US, Radio Times reports that Disney and Lucasfilm have now pushed that forward to December 14, meaning some of us can get behind the controls of the Falcon a whole day early. Sadly, the release will remain as is for the US, so you will just have to just avoid the internet for an extra 24 hours.

While it may be frustrating for those in the US, the news is nothing out of the ordinary and continues the franchise's tradition of treating its British fans first. Both The Force Awakens and Rogue One debuted early in the UK, which may have something to do with the large amounts of footage being shot at Pinewood studios.

If you really are a Star Wars superfan, you might want to check out flights and weigh up the pros and cons of visiting this rocky outcrop in the Atlantic — think of it as your very own version of Luke's Ach-To.

However, before you start hurling your Brexit abuse at Great Britain, be aware that The Last Jedi will be out even earlier in France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, where you can watch it on December 13. Also, remember that things could always be worse; Disney's other big franchise, the MCU, frequently airs its films in the UK up to a week before its American counterparts.

Either way, mark whichever day you want on the calendar for The Last Jedi, with some BIG spoilers and revelations expected in the next installment, avid fans are told to see Johnson's film as soon as possible. The other option is, you could always do a Ben Kenobi and exile yourself to Tatooine until you are ready to head to cinemas.

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(Source: Radio Times)


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