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Tomorrow, after months of feverish anticipation and perhaps just a few nerd meltdowns, Star Wars Celebration hosts a panel dedicated to The Last Jedi. A teaser trailer will arrive with it. From Jakku to Jakarta, shit will be lost.

In case you're somehow horribly out of the loop about what is guaranteed to be the movie event of 2017 (or you're that guy who refuses to play the hype game until you absolutely have to), we haven't had a trailer for The Last Jedi yet. In fact, we haven't had anything beyond a title announcement and an image on a piece of merchandise. We've been starved.

But now, Disney — the hand that feeds — is ready for us to get our first proper look at Episode 8. Let's take a dive into 5 things you can probably expect to feature in The Last Jedi's first trailer tomorrow (it should drop around 11:00-12:00 EST).

'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]
'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]

1. Man On A Rock Makes His Next Move

We know already that The Last Jedi will pick up exactly where The Force Awakens left off — on top of that massive rock in the middle of the ocean, where Luke Skywalker has been hibernating/sulking for years, crushed about the role he played in turning Ben Solo to the dark side.

It's a pretty rock solid bet (sorry) that the trailer, like the movie, will begin right there on that island, where Luke and Rey are engaged in the world's most intense staring competition. Expect a small snippet of dialogue from Luke (something highly mysterious, obviously), before we check in with the Rebellion and the First Order.

Will the trailer show anything of Old Man Luke back in action? He has his lightsaber now, and you can be damn sure we'll get a split-second shot of man and weapon in action — just enough to give us actual, literal, spine-tingling chills.

2. There's Snoke Place Like Home

While it was gradually unfolding the mystery of what had become of Luke, The Force Awakens artfully constructed another — who is Supreme Leader Snoke? It seems to be almost universally accepted that this deformed, potentially ancient being is some kind of major player in Star Wars-lore masquerading as the First Order's MVP. Still, there's potential for Rian Johnson to throw a major spanner in the works here.

'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]
'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]

Don't expect any answers from the trailer, but if we're lucky we'll get a first look at the real Snoke, rather than the mysteriously huge hologram which made grown men like General Hux and Kylo Ren cower last time round.

3. A Girl Has No Name

Another mystery which simmered on a low heat through The Force Awakens was the parentage of Rey. Everybody and their space canine has an opinion about whether Rey is a Skywalker, or a Kenobi, or what the significance of Jakku being her home planet might be. Is Luke her father? It feels a little obvious, but then Star Wars does love the saga of the Skywalker family.

'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]
'The Force Awakens' [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]

I'd imagine that characters like Finn and Poe Dameron might come into sharper focus in The Last Jedi, but without doubt we'll learn more about where Rey comes from. Just don't expect an "I am your father!" moment in the trailer.

4. Get Ready To Say Goodbye

Four months ago, most of us wouldn't have pegged Leia as one of the most anticipated elements of Episode 8. But then, tragically, the wonderful and utterly unique Carrie Fisher died in December, and suddenly Leia's role in The Last Jedi feels crucial — as well as leading the Rebellion, this — her final movie role — has the unenviable job of saying goodbye to one of cinema's most beloved heroes.

I'm not ready for this. [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]
I'm not ready for this. [Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]

I wouldn't expect the trailer to get too sentimental, but be prepared to get hit right in the feels when we catch a glimpse of General Leia leading the Rebellion into battle with the First Order. It's going to be emotional.

5. Who IS The Last Jedi?

Oh, come on now. Whether the last Jedi is singular or plural, you know full well Disney won't be giving that secret up any time soon. For that, you'll just have to wait until opening weekend.

The Last Jedi lights up theaters globally on December 15. Check back tomorrow for the trailer. Which secrets are you hoping will be revealed?


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