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Prepare your disappointed faces, because is letting us down (again). Don't worry, they aren't bringing back Jar Jar Binks, but we might have to wait a little longer to unravel one of the franchise's newest mysteries. The ghostly specter of Supreme Leader Snoke hung over Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, and with Emperor Palpatine bowing out in Return of the Jedi, it looks like Snoke is pulling the strings as the galaxy's latest puppet master.

Thoughts on Snoke's "real" identity include theories of him being a reanimated clone of the Emperor, Boba Fett fresh out of the Sarlacc Pit, or maybe even Luke Skywalker himself. However, with barely any screen time, we haven't exactly had a meet and greet with the demonic dictator. While all the rumors and fan-fiction have been circulating since Episode VII, don't expect 2017 to bring any closure to the identity crisis.

Guess Who?!

Vanity Fair’s David Kamp revealed in a Reddit AMA that 's upcoming will presumably be too busy with our little "Rey" of sunshine to tackle something as trivial as who the intergalactic bastard is:

“I asked [director] Rian Johnson about Snoke — Who/what is he? — and Rian was fairly up front in saying that Snoke is not a character he particularly gets into in TLJ. Hmmm.”

It was hoped that the recent Star Wars novels would shed some light on Snoke, but all the Aftermath trilogy did was kill our fan-favorite for who behind Snoke — doh!

With Episode IX slated for 2019, it looks like we had better put the brakes on our Snoke detective work for now. However, given that we have waited some 30 years to see Luke Skywalker again, you can't blame the franchise for wanting to steer itself back toward a Skywalker saga. Also, with newcomers like Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro's mysterious arrival, there are other big stars we would rather see than some guy who is in need of some sun. Hopefully Snoke will have a big part to play that will involve some galactic-sized twist, however, he could just be another McGuffin to irritate the fanboys.

Presumably someone somewhere knows the real story behind Supreme Leader, but it looks like it will be up to Colin Trevorrow to piece the puzzle together in the concluding chapter of this trilogy of films. Either way, someone is likely to be pissed off, so good luck with that, Col. Personally, I am still a HUUUGE fan of the theory that Snoke is the Stormtrooper who hit his head in A New Hope and that's how he got that gnarly scar — sadly, I'm not the one writing the film!

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