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Like everyone else in the universe, I've been crazy, lying awake at night, Skyping friends on the other side of the world to swap theories, excited about Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. But y'know what? There's not been all that many concrete details about the upcoming Star Wars films so far. Now all that changes.

JoBlo has received a whole heap of inside info on what to expect from these movies from 'a trusted and reliable source'. Personally, I don't think this info gives enough detail to count as spoilers - but if you're ultra strict about not wanting to know anything about a movie before you walk into the theater, click off this article now.

Ok! We already knew that Disney/Lucasfilm would alternate each year between an official Episode of the series and a character spin-off movie (see the diagram below).

JoBlo also reports that the first two spin-off movies will feature bounty hunter Boba Fett and a young/younger Han Solo. This just builds on what we already knew, since we've heard before that these characters would get their own films in the near future. However, this was also the case with Yoda, and this idea has reportedly been dropped due to an animated LEGO series which will star Yoda.

The Han Solo film will reportedly center on Han's friendship with Chewbacca, "potentially on how they met and became partners on the Millenium Falcon."

Finally, there's also news on the recently announced Star Wars: Rebels animated series, which is set to debut on Disney XD in 2014. According to JoBlo, the series will 'feature new characters with appearances from established ones in the original trilogy and will focus on how the rebel alliance was formed to take on the Galactic Empire.'

Ready...set...discuss! As much as the spin offs sound cool, I'd rather there was less time between each 'Episode' of the Star Wars movies. Do you disagree?


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