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Since the original Star Wars franchise hit the big screen both kids and their parents having been dishing our their hard-earned money to purchase toy versions of their favorite heroes and vehicles. It was as if everyone was wielding a lightsaber like a Jedi and reenacting their favorite scenes. These days, some of those old toys command a hefty price. If you find one with a rare manufacturing error, get ready to withdraw some extra cash from your ATM.

The results of a few goofy production errors have hit the market again this year, and leave it to to crack a joke at the expense of action figure with a deformed face:

Will this action figure's value skyrocket on Ebay? Nobody knows, but the comment Hamill made about the toy a day after Force Friday is absolutely priceless.

If you can't stop laughing at Luke's face in that photo, then here are a few other Star Wars toys that will keep the good times rolling.

6) Han Solo With A Small Head


"I've got a bad feeling about this," is probably what Han Solo would say if he purchased this toy for a young Kylo Ren. I'm sure if two kids were together and playing with their toys, they would be a little confused as to why Han Solo has two different heads.

5) Lando Calrissian With And Without Teeth


I guess someone thought Billy Dee Williams had a very expressive face. The Lando Calrissian came in two different versions: painted teeth and no painted teeth. The figure without teeth looks like Lando is doing his best impression of a hockey player. You have your choice of "Angry Lando" or "Happy Lando" depending on the mood or battle you are in.

4) Han Solo With Open Grip

[Credit: ThrowBackCollectible on]
[Credit: ThrowBackCollectible on]

In 1996, Star Wars released the The Power Of The Force line of toys from Kenner. Some of the Han Solo in Hoth Gear action figures had a very distinct design flaw: Han's right hand couldn't grip the gun. So if you were looking to act out the scene where Han turned a Taun-Taun into a steamy burrito to keep Luke warm, good luck.

3) Luke Skywalker Vs. Wampa Set


Back in 1997, you could only purchase the Luke Skywalker Vs. Wampa playset at Target, which makes this one of the rarest Star Wars toys on the market. If you decide to purchase one of these suckers, be forewarned, you will be stuck looking at a weird yellow ring around the Wampa's torso. Hey Luke, the next time you are visiting Hoth, don't eat yellow snow.

2) Leia Organa, Planet Of The Apes Style

Hasbro has released several versions of Leia Organa throughout the years. In 1995, Hasbro didn't exactly create the most royal looking princess, unless they wanted Leia to rule over some Simians. The toy is now infamously referred to as the Monkey Face Leia, but I'm sure would have chuckled over this flub.

1) C-3P-Oh My!

Someone looks excited to see R2-D2 again. This has to be one of the most famous Topps error cards, at least in the world of Star Wars. Are you wondering how this might have happened? In an interview with Polygon, Gary Gerani (the original editor of the cards) explains his theory:

Apparently someone on set strapped a long metallic appendage to the droid's lower half," he writes. "Was this an off-screen practical joke? And how, exactly, did the image make it into the photo archive? No one knows for sure, but once this curious anomaly was brought to light post-printing, some form of correction was required.

Thankfully they corrected this issue. Yes, you can still find this card on Ebay if you are looking to add one to your collection for whatever reason.

If you are into Star Wars variants or just like weird items, then there's a few you may want to check off your list. Just get ready to pay a hefty sum of cash.

Which is your favorite wacky Star Wars toy? Leave your comments below!

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