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As of writing this, we're about six months away until Star Wars' latest epic, The Last Jedi. Also, news just dropped last night that Christopher Lord and Phil Miller are out as directors for the Han Solo movie. This would be concerning for most studios, but people simply have faith that Disney will deliver a solid product no matter the obstacles.

Speaking of Disney, ever since it bought the rights from Lucasfilm the studio has been killing it at Marvel, producing hit after hit. One of Disney's greatest achievements was the tale of Darth Vader after Luke destroyed the Death Star. There's only one question: Can Darth Vader carry an entire film? Let's find out. WARNING: Minor spoilers for Marvel's Darth Vader to follow.

Marvel's Darth Vader Is A Masterpiece

Darth Vader [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Darth Vader [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca have delivered one of the most beautiful comic books in the last decade. Not only thanks to Larroca's pencils, but Gillen wrote Vader with sympathy one wouldn't usually associate with a Sith Lord. He also added a Game of Thrones vibe, with Vader always looking over his shoulders to see what Palpatine might do next.

And of course, he still made Vader one of the most badass villains to ever live. When Vader was surrounded by his fellow soldiers he was stronger than steel, but during the quiet moments you still got the sense that Anakin's humanity was intact. And that's pretty impressive given he's wearing a mask the whole time.

Will People Want To See It?

 [Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

That one scene in last year's cemented the fact that people want more Vader. He gave us a great action scene, and he was only it for a little over a minute. Most people who are not comic fans probably never wondered what about the fallout after he failed Sidious and Luke destroyed the Death Star. This comic answered all those questions in blockbuster fashion.

Firstly, Vader must redeem himself in the eyes of the Emperor. This will set up some amazing fight scenes as Vader dismantles all of Palpatines so-called replacements. Secondly, we get to see Vader on the trail of the person who destroyed the Death Star — Luke Skywalker. This will give the a movie an added depth of emotion when Vader finds out that it was his son, and he has survived after all these years. Also, the person that finds Luke is none other than Boba Fett.

Lastly, we then get to see Vader build an army of his own just in case he has to overthrown his Master. This means we get to see Dr. Aphra and her homicidal droids join in on the fun. Dr. Aphra is the version of Indiana Jones, and her droids are just kill-happy versions of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Now, that'd be awesome to see in the theaters!

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in film history. When he gets his own movie, he doesn't have to carry the whole thing thanks to the inclusion of Darth Sidious, Dr. Aphra and her super weird droids all having screen time to fully explore the aftermath of the Empire's mistake. If seeing two hours of Vader reclaiming his title as the biggest badass of the galaxy doesn't make you giddy, then I don't what will.

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