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The world has been hit with the sad death of yet another celebrity great. Gene Wilder died at the age of eighty three, surrounded by family and loved ones. Although he might no longer be with us, Gene's work shall live on in the iconic roles he bought to life such as Willy Wonka, Dr Frankenstein, Leo Bloom and Dave Lyons.

It's often said when someone you love becomes a memory, their memory becomes a treasure. I think we can all safely say we will treasure the memories Wilder created for us.

Celebrities who have been touched by Wilder and his work have taken to social media to express how this loss has affected them and also to uphold the memory of such a wonderful comedic actor. Let's take a look now at the fitting tributes and the devastating loss the entertainment world has suffered.

Mel Brooks

Mel was a lifelong friend of Gene. He also directed him in three of his best movies; Blazing Saddles, The Producers and Young Frankenstein. The legendary director took to Twitter to say:

Incredibly touching to read this from Mel. Wilder and Brooks's work together brought up some classic comedy cinema moments that shall live on forever.

Stephen Fry

Fry clearly took inspiration from the legendary Wilder's bold comedy career.

Sam Clafin

Saying exactly what we're all feeling. There was always a sense of childlike wonder surrounding Wilder. Listen along to the song below if you can bear all the feels:

Adam West

When Batman's missing you, you know you were a very important person.

Sean Hayes, Debra Messing and Eric McCormack

Wilder starred in Will and Grace as Mr Stein (a take on Dr. Frankenstein) for two episodes, watch the video below to see the comedy master at work:

Leonard Maltin

Carl Reiner

Esteemed actor and longtime friend sent his message of love and thanks into the world following the death of Gene. It really is good advice, go and see all of his wonderful movies.

Rain Pryor

Rain is the daughter of the late great comedy actor, Richard Pryor. Richard and Gene had a lifelong career together and their work brought us some of the best comedy films ever. Watch the scene below to see the two at work in See No Evil, Hear No Evil:

Anderson Cooper

A fitting tribute to a wonderful man, loving husband and devoted father.

Ricky Gervais

Short, sweet and succinct. Funny man Ricky tips his hat to a man who brought laughter to so many people.

Conan O' Brien

Check out the interview above, but be warned your heart shall explode with joy. Who knew we have Gene to thank for this hilarious scene?

See Also:

Neil Patrick Harris

Just like Neil, we send all our love and thoughts to his wife, family and friends.

Russell Crowe

Even the biggest stars have those they look up too. Russell sharing his earliest memories of Wilder's movies is super sweet.

Jeffrey Tambor

Elijah Wood

Jim Carey

Amen to that, Jim.

James Corden

James shared a wonderfully touching memory he has of meeting Gene.

It's truly touching to see so many celebrities come forward to pay homage to the memory of such a Hollywood legend. Without a doubt Gene's passing will be felt by millions. We thank you for the laughs, the legendary cinematic moments and for many of us, we thank you for our childhoods. "Good Day, Sir"

Which Gene Wilder movie will you remember the most?


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