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After fending off witches, zombies and Demogorgons, stars from The Conjuring, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things unite against a new, less tangible threat in the horror movie Wish Upon.

Joey King () stars as a teenage girl who mysteriously receives a magic box that grants her every wish. However, instead of requesting sensible, practical things like a gyrating Zac Efron, death seems to befall those around her...

Check out the creepy trailer for Wish Upon in the clip below:

Coming fresh off The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle, director John Leonetti has crafted a new that reminds us of... well, The Craft, but with heaps of Wishmaster thrown in too.

Rounding out the cast are up-and-coming stars such as Sydney Park, who represents an integral part of the Oceanside community in , and Shannon Purser, who became a cult sensation after playing Barb and Barb's sluggy corpse in .

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If that floats your boat, then make sure you check out Wish Upon's premiere on July 14 for a front row seat at Ryan Philippe's grand comeback. Will Wish Upon hit the dizzying heights of Philippe's genre classics such as Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer? Be careful what you wish for guys...


If you could wish for anything in the entire world, what would you wish for?

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