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It seems that with each new installment of 'The Expendables' series, more and more iconic action heroes are added to the mix. The Expendables 2 added and while also giving more prominent roles to and , the two had made cameos in the first film. With a third entry looming, the question arises as to who the newest recruits will be. We know that has signed on, but there have been rumors on everyone from to .

Jackie Chan revealed in December that he had been offered a role in The Expendables 3 by . The deal was not official at the time because Chan had presented the stipulation that his character would not simply be a walk-on cameo. And yet that is the last we heard on the Chan casting, and we've heard even less on the status of the Eastwood situation. During a recent interview with Collider, 'Expendables' mainstay offered his thoughts on these potential new cast members...

I’ve been a friend of Jackie’s forever. He’s broken every bone in his body for his commitment and dedication to doing his own stunts. So he’s the real deal. He is the real deal. He’s my [favorite]. I like Clint Eastwood as well.

When asked if he knew the status of The Expendables 3 casting, he deferred to the big guy.

The thing is, the magic wand comes from Sly. He will either 'yes' you or 'no' you. So yeah, Expendables 3. Here we go. Strap yourselves in!

Jackie Chan would be a tremendous addition to the 'Expendables 3' cast. As Statham points out, Chan became a martial arts legend for his sometimes reckless commitment to his artform. He will, and has on many occasions, sacrifice his own safety in order to achieve the perfect stunt. Sure, he's getting up there in age, and perhaps has slowed a bit in his stunt work, but this franchise could stand to take a page out of Chan's playbook and focus more on action sequence construction instead of hacking up every fight scene and moment of destruction into a pastiche of tiny, half-second-long cuts.

Statham can be coy all he wants, but I have no doubt that Chan will be signed to 'Expendables 3' soon. Now, Clint on the other hand...


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