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Matt Carter

If you're a fan of steampunk, then this latest Kickstarter campaign could be right up your mechanical alley. Containment Field Studio is looking to get its web series funded and it needs your help. Tinker: A Steampunk Adventure Series will follow the international adventures of San Francisco inventors Sho and Kimi Tinker. First up, here's the synopsis:

Prepare for a high-flying steampunk adventure in this sci-fi fantasy about the Tinkers, a father daughter team of genius mechanics who live in the overpopulated city of San Francisco. Kimi and Sho Tinker work in the delicate art of tinkering. In an alternate history run by bulky and rather finicky machinery, the Tinkers are masters of their craft and are often called upon to repair, invent and even retrofit anything from large engines to personal wrist watches. When a wealthy noblewoman, Lady Cushing, hires the duo, they are thrust into a world of air ships, danger and excitement in which the balance of worldly power rests unaware in the tool calloused hands of the Tinker family.

So far, so very steampunk. We've also got a neat video giving you an oily taste of what's to come, so check it out:

Tinker: A Steampunk Adventure Series needs to raise $69,500 by April 29th, so if you want to see the web series get made, head over to Kickstarter and give them your cash.



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