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Stop what you are doing and listen up; Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk Film is up on Kickstarter and it needs your help! Firstly, check out the synopsis for the movie:

Cowboys & Engines is an ambitious steampunk adventure that follows Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata), the war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas as he meets Guinivere Wheeler (Libby Letlow), a woman who proves to be as dangerous as she is charming. When they encounter Professor Nicholas Timéon (Walter Koenig), and learn that his temporal engine, a machine with incredible destructive power, has been stolen by would-be conqueror Dr. Clay, Cade and Guinivere set off to save San Francisco from total destruction.

The project is a labor of love for all involved, with the film makers wanting to create something "original and visually stunning," that will "redefine steampunk for the world at large as a way of re-imagining fantasy adventure." Need more convincing? Cowboys & Engines will star Chekov (Walter Koenig) from the original Star Trek and has porn star James Deen on board as a producer. Enough said.

Check out this video of the cast and crew talking about the awesomeness of this project:

Cowboys & Engines needs to raise $100,000 to get the project up and running, so if you want to see a potentially excellent steampunk movie, head over to Kickstarter and donate whatever you can. There are some cool items up for grabs as well, including a comic-book one-sheet and James Deen Swag (whatever that means), so get yourself over there and take a look.

If Hollywood can raise $170 million for the absolute trash that was Wild Wild West, surely we can raise enough cash to get Cowboys and Engines off the ground. I'll let the film makers have the final word though, "Hollywood has failed miserably in its attempts to bring steampunk to the screen; we’re going to do it right."

Amen to that.

Would you like to see Cowboys & Engines make it to the big screen? Drop a comment below.


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