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There's another campaign running for a role in the DCEU. What's left after the huge Gotham City Sirens announcement from last week? Well, Poison Ivy is, and actress Stephanie Corneliussen, who's best know for her role in the Golden Globe winning show Mr. Robot, took to her Twitter, posting this for all to see:

It's obvious that this sort of tactic has been useful in the past for these particular roles (Looks awkwardly at Ryan Reynolds), so why not use it again (and again)? Well, made sure to show her resemblance to the character — and that effort shows — but is it enough?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

The Danish actress has had various roles in her career. She has displayed a mentally unhinged seductress in the USA Network television show and has also starred in DC's Legends of Tomorrow as Valentina Vostok, which means she has some familiarity with the comic universe.

is one of the many fan favorites, and for such a character there needs to be a stellar casting choice. If she's given the role, she needs to embody every aspect of Poison Ivy's character. She's a seductress, but also be cares for others, especially those she's friends with. She can be lethal (literally) and manipulative, which I do believe Corneliussen has the ability to portray.

'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA Network]
'Mr. Robot' [Credit: USA Network]

See also:

If Corneliussen is given the role, she'd be alongside mega stars within the . Warner Bros. is known to pick huge performers to portray these comic book characters. The man behind Gotham City Sirens, David Ayer (as well as Margot Robbie), will also weigh in on the casting as well, which is an entirely different process. With several actor team-ups in the DCEU (J.J Simmons joining Ben Affleck again in The Batman — both actors held major roles in The Accountant, which is also a property owned by Warner Bros.), if Corneliussen was connected to anyone, it would better her chances. Her role in DC's Legends of Tomorrow might help, but that's just me.

Check out Stephanie Corneliussen in action in Mr. Robot:

Are you OK with Stephanie Corneliussen as the poisonous femme fatale?


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