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If there was ever any doubt as to actor Stephen Amell's physical capabilities, he put them to rest by taking on the course on Red Nose Day. In a sneak preview last week, Amell tackled the first few obstacles with ease, but we didn't get to see his entire course run until Thursday night on NBC — just one night after the incredible, fan-pleasing Arrow Season 5 finale.

Amell has always seemed excited about appearing on American Ninja Warrior, and fans have been encouraging him for a long time to run the course. It was a matter of timing for the busy actor's schedule, but he made the most of his chance.

For every obstacle Amell completed, $5,000 was donated to Comic Relief, Inc., which fights childhood poverty.

As I predicted earlier this month, Amell dominated the course. After finishing all six of the obstacles, Amell surprised everyone by declaring that he wanted to take on one more for charity. The seventh obstacle was the salmon ladder. Any fan of knows that the actor doesn't have any problem with this particular obstacle.

Amell finished the salmon ladder and leaped onto another obstacle before finally telling the excited crowd that he was done, ending his run by earning $35,000 for charity. How is that for heroics?

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