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Arrow fans know Stephen Amell is more than just the role he plays on television. The actor has proven many times over how much he cares about his fans, and he never hesitates to go above and beyond to make sure they have a great experience when meeting him. And at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Amell showed, once again, that his heart makes him more of a hero than the character he portrays.

In the video, Sara, a little girl dressed as a miniature Green Arrow, tells Amell that she is a fighter of cancer and asks him if he is going to make more Fight Cancer shirts and when. For the uninitiated, Amell partners with every year to create "F&%K Cancer" shirts and a more family-friendly "Fight Cancer" version. All proceeds go toward the fight against cancer.

Amell asks Sara if she comes to every Comic-Con, and she tells him she's gone to three in a row. The star then tells her he is doing another campaign, but he has a surprise for the little girl in green. He tells her he's going to give her something that she can give back to him when she returns to the panel next year. The "something" turns out to be an Arrow necklace that Amell was wearing. After calling Sara up to meet him, Amell places the necklace over her head and then gives her a kiss on the cheek.

The necklace, as we all know, was Amell's way of encouraging the young girl to keep fighting and to make it back to in 2018. Sometimes, even the strongest of fighters need a little boost to keep going, and there's no doubt made Sara a little bit stronger with his gift.

After the post was shared on Twitter, Amell retweeted it and reminded Sara that he would see her next year.

We wish Sara the absolute best! Thanks, Stephen, for being one helluva guy with the heart of a hero!


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