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It's nothing new for Hollywood actresses to be criticized over their bodies. However, nowadays even male celebrities have been facing the same amount scrutiny. From Stranger Things star David Harbour being deemed "too fat" in a X-Men audition to The Flash star Grant Gustin being skinny shamed, there have been quite a few incidents discussed in the media. And now, body shamers have found a new victim: Stephen Amell.

The star recently shared a photo of himself and his cousin Robbie Amell "shagging balls" dressed up in full Toronto Blue Jays uniforms at the Rogers Centre. A few Twitter users were less interested in Stephen and Robbie's cool experience together and more interested with Stephen's stomach.

has always been conscious about his fitness, and he constantly shares his workout videos and photos on Instagram. So he didn't take the anonymous critiques too well. Amell took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about the whole situation:

Robbie Amell, however, was having fun seeing Stephen Amell all worked up. Robbie even replied to one of Stephen's tweets, jokingly calling him a "Fatty," to which Stephen replied with a picture of him showing off his abs:

Stephen Amell's sister-in-law and Robbie Amell's wife, Italia Ricci, chimed in as well. Being a body shaming victim herself, Ricci showed her support for Stephen.

The truth is that when actors shoot shirtless scenes, they barely eat or drink for 24 hours or more. Take Hugh Jackman, for example, who explained on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

"You increase the water intake to about 10 litres (3 gallons) of water a day, and then you stop about 36 hours before you shoot. But because you've drunk so much water, you're peeing all the time, and then you have nothing. Then, you lose about 10 lbs of water weight."

Stephen Amell is currently on a hiatus from Arrow and has taken a break from the intense workouts for just two months; he was just enjoying a baseball game, not performing on camera. We are pretty sure that Amell will be back in superhero shape by the time Arrow Season 6 starts filming — and it's nobody's business anyway.

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