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Arrow has a dedicated, opinionated fan base. Some liked Laurel Lance; others didn't. Some prefer that the show keeps to the fighting and leaves romance out of the storyline altogether while others look forward to the glimpses of love that the characters find in their lives — but the strongest division occurs between the fans for and against a reunion of Felicity and Oliver.

For three years the couple, dubbed , built up to a relationship that quickly disintegrated in Season 4. Many fans believed that is why Season 5 was such a stellar season, but even with Oliver and Felicity apart, there's always been a hint that the couple would reunite — the biggest of which came toward the end of the season:

Even though some anti-Olicity fans are already grumbling, it looks like they might have to face facts. From the looks of an autograph gave to a fan recently, it could be he's thinking an onscreen marriage is only a matter of time. Perhaps he already knows there will be a next time.

A wedding would not be the worst thing to ever happen to , and, as long as the romance doesn't overshadow the show, I see no reason why the pair shouldn't have their brief glimpses of happiness. No one has forgotten what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said about the couple at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con:

"They have so much chemistry, it's literally insane."

It's an unwritten rule that actors with chemistry become onscreen couples. (If they didn't have the chemistry, they wouldn't be a pair!) And even though there are fans who are not happy about the romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity, still more are rooting for this couple to finally tie the knot.

Whether that happens in Season 6 or beyond, some things are inevitable, and odds are good that Felicity and Oliver will eventually reunite.

Are you for or against an reunion?


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