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Oliver Queen sure did have a rough time of it in the Season 5 finale of Arrow. However, that explosive cliffhanger didn't stop actor Stephen Amell from having the time of his life at the this weekend, hitting the mark with a panel that revealed some surprising spoilers for Season 6 of the Arrowverse's flagship show.

The Theme Of Season 6 Revealed

From the outset, Season 5 of explored the concept of legacy and how Oliver's actions in the past impact the present day. Given the nature of the flashbacks and how the show had arguably lost its way in Season 4, this full-circle approach gave the fans everything they wanted, restoring Arrow to greatness.

However, aside from trying to figure out whether anyone actually died on Lian Yu, fans are now most interested in looking to the future, hoping to shed some light on what Season 6 of Arrow may entail. Fortunately, has not disappointed in that regard, revealing the upcoming theme and perhaps a few plot details in the process;

"The theme of Season 5 was 'Legacy'. From what I understand, the theme of Season 6 is 'Family.'"

Immediately, the audience at the London Heroes & Villains Fan Fest thought of Oliver's son, William. After all, the last we saw of the boy was him standing on the boat with his father, wondering whether his mother and Team Arrow had been caught in the explosive charges set by .

Does This Confirm Another Death In The Season 5 Finale?

When asked whether William will play a role in Season 6, Amell answered in the affirmative, discussing the possibility of Oliver taking a more active role as a full-time father;

"That would be a very interesting story... I think Oliver is more equipped for being a father than he realises. I think, I hope, that he would do a really good job. That would certainly create an interesting dynamic."

Does this mean that Wiliam's mother Samantha Clayton will be one of the confirmed deaths from the Season 5 finale of Arrow? Sure, Amell didn't confirm that he will become more of a father to William, but when you consider that Samantha is at risk of death and that the theme moving forward is family, we wouldn't be surprised if Oliver is forced to raise William in the absence of his mother.

After all, the Green Arrow has finally come to peace with the legacy left behind by his own father, telling Prometheus that he's done blaming himself for Robert Queen's actions. What better way is there for Oliver to move forward than to create a new legacy with his own son?

How Will Oliver Queen's Character Evolve In Season 6?

Whether Oliver becomes a father in the real sense of the word or not, Stephen Amell did confirm that there are some changes in store for the Emerald Archer, ones which will surely be welcomed by fans.

When asked if he would ever like to admonish Oliver for his flaws, Amell explained that;

"I do like playing a character who has flaws, for sure, because thats what makes us interesting. I haven't talked with the producers a lot about Season 6. One of the things that I did say though, based on everything that's happened this year... it would be nice to see someone else act irrational and brick-headed... [instead of] saying immediately I want to handle things by myself. Oliver has to have learned that's not always the right way... it's important that next year, he's learned those lessons."

While the never fails Star City, he does fail himself at times, criticising himself too harshly, so it will be gratifying for fans to see Oliver evolve more as a character in Season 6.

In a similar vein, Amell was also asked whether he would like to remove or change any particular personality trait of Oliver's in upcoming episodes;

"I would just say that Oliver is a very linear thinker. He's a very task orientated person. Based on the nature of our show, he doesn't take a lot of time to relax... it would be nice if he didn't need conflict and strife and adversarial people in his life to feel normal."

Although this was never said, we'd like to think that having William in his life could allow Oliver to finally feel normal in this sense, passing on his legacy and perhaps even a trick arrow or two later down the line.

Between the increased role of William, the ramifications of potential deaths from Season 5 and Black Siren's upcoming encounter with the White Canary, it seems as though Season 6 of Arrow is already well on the way to exploring the theme of family in all senses of the word.

Do you think Samantha Clayton died in the Season 5 finale of Arrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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