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We're prepping ourselves for the upcoming sixth season of Arrow, which should conclude the 'five years in hell' for Oliver and the explosive season finale. With so much in question after the surprising explosion on Lian Yu, it was interesting to hear Stephen Amell confirm the fate of one of the shows common themes: the island flashbacks.

During a panel at Nashville's Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, Amell revealed a lot about how the show plans to use flashback moving forward. It has been a common element throughout the seasons to see Oliver Queen be taken back to the island as a means to connect his 'years in hell' to the events that are currently wrecking havoc on Star City. In the panel Amell confirmed that finally Oliver's time on the island has come to a close.

There are flashbacks in the first episode that take us back to the immediate aftermath of the events in the finale. Which is one of the reasons that I had to shave my beard, so I could match up with [the finale].

There are no flashbacks in the second episode. You know how occasionally over the course of five seasons, typically it's been Oliver's flashback? Sometimes there have been episodes where there's no flashbacks, and sometimes we've had flashbacks where we focus in on Diggle or Felicity or Renee. I think that's what will happen this year, that we will have the occasional flashback. We're not telling a linear story anymore about Oliver's time on the island. We've brought that one full circle.

With Amell being quite candid about the future of these flashbacks with fans, it'll be interesting to see how this upcoming season moves forward without revisiting Oliver's time on the island. Yet, the real question that most fans are asking is who survived the explosion on the island.


Do you think no more island flashbacks is the right move for 'Arrow'?


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