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Stephen Amell, the star of The CW's Arrow, doesn't have a problem with showing his support for the causes he believes in and the people he cares about, whether it's giving a necklace to a fan fighting cancer or appearing at Fan Fest Orlando, a one-day charity event to support the victims of the Orlando massacre, in September 2016.

On August 6th, Amell attended Vancouver's Pride Festival with his wife, but after posting pictures he'd taken at the event, he soon learned not everyone was happy with his support for the LGBT community. Unhappy fans took to the actor's social media pages to let him know how they felt about it and the star didn't hesitate to comment.

Not one to let the opinions of others keep him from living his happiest life, Amell posted a response on his Facebook page in his blunt yet seemingly calm tone.

Facebook! What's happening! So I'm scrolling through my page this morning and I was really taken aback by some of the back and forth commentary after I posted two photos from the Pride Parade/Festivities yesterday in Vancouver. The vast majority were positive, but a laughable amount were negative. I had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver with my wife and friends, met some terrific people and more than anything just tried to soak in all the positive energy from people living their best lives. If I'm in Vancouver next year I won't just go back, I'll walk in the parade. So for everyone in their negative pants: Go be on the wrong side of history on somebody else's Facebook page. xo

He followed that up with a video where he calculated the actual number of people that had left his page as a result of his choice to attend an event that was open to the public. Amell then said there was no controversy and that only a small minority were vocally opposed to his attending the event.

Unfortunately, neither the video nor Amell's comments were enough to shut down the opponents, some of which crossed the line into vitriolic. It's sad to say that nothing Amell could have said would have changed their minds.

Amell addressed his fans without obligation because he isn't opposed to open dialogue, but there can be no discussion when one side has an opinion they are convinced is right. And though some fans did leave Amell's page, it's 100% certain that Amell will not stop living his life the way he wants to live it, supporting the causes he chooses to support, and respecting all of humanity. And I won't be surprised to see him walking in the Vancouver Pride Parade next year!

Amell yet again showed us all that there's no reason to back down in the face of negativity. If anything, the world would probably be a much nicer place if we followed his example.

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